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                                           Kandar Ep30 the General responds

The whole room watched the big holoviewer in complete silence, as the first squad of Tedo were quickly destroyed. After a few moments the general broke the silence. "These people are incredible," he stated quite frankly. "I am genuinely impressed at their prowess in battle and their resourcefulness. Everyone here would do well to pay great attention to how they  are handling themselves in this battle." He leaned back in his chair as he scratched his chin in thought.

"Dont take to much of a liking to them, we still need them dead," complained Jonathon Smithers.

General Sologrit peered at him a moment before remarking, "oh, they will die. I just didn't expect them to get this far, and with so few resources. I see now, why everything before this has utterly failed, but fear not, I am formidable." He rose from his desk to and stood at the handrail, to better view the people working below. "Who read the scans of that ship?" he called to them. In response a young wiry man, with Corporal insignia on his shoulder, slowly raised his hand without looking up. "Bring the scans of that ship, up here to me," the General commanded. Lt. Colonel Melville began to move towards the young man to receive the documents, but Gen. Sologrit stopped her with a single hand motion.

The young Corporal gathered the document and climbed the stair with his head bowed, afraid to face the General. He stopped just short of Gen. Sologrit, raises his head high and saluted with one hand while presenting the scans to the general with the other. "SIR. Here are the scans and their results, Sir!" He kept his eyes skyward, still afraid to meet the General's gaze.

The General snatched the papers from him and spread them out on the desk to his left.  After a short moment of looking at the pictures and data he smacked the Corporal in the back so hard he almost fell over. "Idiot! Look at this!"  The Corporal was slow to respond, so Gen. Sologrit grabbed him by the back of his neck and forced him over the papers. The Corporal had to brace himself on the desk to keep from being  slammed into it. "This ship has only been modified, to look like a Leviathan. The Captain did choose his landing zone wisely, however...Look at the details of the grass and rocks. Now how close do you think this scan started? And where is your scale?" The corpal opened his mouth to respond, but could muster no words. "This is a stripped down Kandar Juggernaut. It is a good disguise, but trained professionals like yourself should have seen this." The General let go of him as he threw the papers in the floor at the Corporal's feet. "You cost the lives of all those Tedo pilots and their crews. You remember that well when you call their families tonight. Now pick up your paperwork and get out of my sight." The Corporal was fast to gather his papers and disappear.

The V.P.,  J.J. Caster, spun his chair to face the General. "You know if you would..."

"SHUT UP!" the general cut him off soundly. "You make drugs, your good at it, so stick to it. Do not pretend to know military form or tactics. Sit down, enjoy the show and shut your pie hole!" J.J. Caster was left with his mouth gapping open with a look of shock on his face. "Scrap the second Tedo squad and scramble the fighter jets. I want both squadrons in the air A.S.A.P. First target is that damn Kandar Juggernaut. I want it on the ground in flames, double pay for the whole month to the pilot who brings it down." Silence followed on the dais as Lt. Col. Melville worked furiously on her tablet to change the orders.

The general intently watched the various screens, showing the progress of the troops and the current orders being changed. After a long silence the General spoke again "Lt. Col. Melville, set off all K-bombs currently in the hive and flood the lower levels."

"As you command, Sir," she responded, never looking up from the tablet.

"What about all our slaves and the product we have in there?" Smithers complained

Drawing a long slow breath the General peered back at Smithers. "We will stop short of the equipment and the product. This is the very reason I had them tabled on the second floor. Two stories to carry them up to delay these hooligans and 2 stories to flood and trap any intruders that made it to those filthy creatures down there. Besides, the slaves, just like the excess of drug, are merely bait here,  we can always get more. And, if by some small chance they do rescue the slaves from the pens, they will serve to slowed them down even more, with a full brigade barring down on them. Once their ship is destroyed you will see all hope fade from them."

"You are still costing us too much for this win," Smithers retorted.

"And I suppose you would like to keep losing to them in all the cities and towns everywhere?" There is no response from either man. "Like the reputation of this old prison here, I will not let any of these little rats escape. This will be their grave. Once these thieves have been dealt with, you can rebuild your empire, and we will all be richer for it. Now shut up and quit your whining, I'm in no mood for it."
Kandar Ep 30 The General Responds
General Sologrit is impressed with the attackers, but he still has a few tricks up his sleeve.

the beginning…

the last one…

the next   WIP
                     Kandar EP-29 Kitty's strike pt.7 The Air Battle Begins

      The Azmarelda surges into the air as Capt. Smokey pushes the engines to full throttle for lift off. Even Deletekey whose mind is in the virtual world, can register the force on her body. All crew members are strapped into their positions and ready for the coming fight. They have all felt this many times before.

      "All systems go, we are running at 100% Captain," 1st Lt. Corey observed.

      "Really?" Smokey fired back, looking a little confused.

      "Yeah, I know right. In this old bucket of bolts, but thats what the computer is telling me." He shrugged seemingly as lost about it as Smokey.

      Deletekey giggles over the intercom on the bridge. "Did you boys forget who was running your computers right now? Of course everything is working perfectly. You know, if you would just do some regular software and firmware updates, this ship would preform so much better." Deletekey has been tied into several ship before and loads of different other vehicles, she is use to finding her way around their systems, plus she has the rest of 30Bit system she can refer back to if and when she has a question. This ship is much older then the ones she is use to, it used pure military type programing and controls, so she had to ask Skygod more than a few questions along the way.

      Corey looks at Smokey amazed. "We need one of those jackers on staff."

      Cptn. Smokey just rubs his thumb and forefingers together at 1stLt. Corey. "I doubt we could afford one. I am sure just bringing the old girl up to date on firmware is going to cost me."

      "You get us out of this alive and that ones on the house captain."

      Cptn. Smokey and 1stLt. Corey grin at each other. "Roger that, hacker cat, but I planned on getting out alive anyway." The whole ship was vibrating and the air was consumed with the roar of the engines as the mammoth ship lifts of the ground. Tens of thousands of tonnes of armor, guns and engine come to life in the quiet night sky of the country side. "Bringing her up to 2500 feet to give us some room to maneuver. Radar shows 'em close boys, get ready. We got eight corner guns, I wanna hear 'em all."

      Battlecrusiers and Juggernauts, like the smaller Leviathans and other cargo ships tend to stay under 1000 feet above ground. They are not aerodynamic like fighters or passenger type vessels, they are built for one purpose, to carry heavy loads. Sleds, as the frame style is called, are designed on a flat rectangular or triangle platform, with no wings. Their thrusters are in the corners underneath for balance and on the far sides of the aft of the ship to allow for access to cargo or in the case of the war ships, room for more guns. They are not meant to tilt more than twelve to fifteen degrees at the most. The Leviathans, the largest of the cargo ships, range from 40 to 60 feet tall with a beam of  80 to 120 feet and 300 to 600 feet in length. The Azmarelda, one of the largest Juggernauts built,  stood 125 feet tall with a beam of 321 feet and a staggering length of 1412 feet.

      After the war the crew dismantled the large bore guns, anti-aircraft guns and most of the heavy machine guns. She was still armed with two electro-arc batteries, one front and one to the rear, there were close range weapons mostly used for ground defense; sixteen 23mm heavy machine guns on top in turret mounts, with front shields, two in the front and rear and 6 spaced out down each side; eight 30mm, twin, rail guns, one on each corner in a swivel mount to cover all side, top and bottom. The gunner of these, sat inside a shielded chair, with joystick controls for aiming and firing, and a fully digital display. They also left one fully armored, turret mounted, 255mm, triple cannon in the center that raised and lowered on hydraulics. It required a five man team to operate properly, and it was not a fast firing gun like the rest, but it did pack quite a punch. This one was good for tanks and small to medium gun stations with great accuracy up to 20 miles.

      The insides of the ship were gutted after the war to make more cargo room, pirates make their money on what they can carry. Anything and everything they felt they did not have to have was stripped out and sold for operating capital when they first made their move to their new life. Without all the big guns and the need for storing copious amounts of large shells, they were able to make 10 different holds for various types of freight including, refrigerated, pressurized gas, liquid, seacan storage, and passenger.

      "Got a visual on those Tedos. They are coming in fast," one of the gunners called over the ships intercom.

      "Make 'em hurt," another called.

      "Should we raise the under and over Magnashields, Capitan?" 1st.Lt. Corey had his hand over the switch as he waited for the answer.

      "Naw, save 'em for the jet fighters. We are going to need ever little edge we can get."

      "Light 'em up boys! WHaaahooooOOOooo!" yelled CMSgt. Don Don, the lead gunner. Like the well trained team they were, the front four gunners begin firing at the same time. They laid down a criss cross strafing pattern through the incoming squad. Five explode in to a ball of flames with another spiraling out of control downwards to a fiery crash into the ground. The Tedo's returned fire with their powerful Kegans, only to see their bullets bounce harmlessly off the thick armor of the Azmarelda.

      "Ha ha ha ha. Look at 'em scatter. I think they figured out this ain't no, run of the mill levi." another one of the gunners exclaimed full of excitement.

      Captain Smokey jammed ship into forward motion aiming at the scattering group. The effect gave the four aft gunners targets to hit. "Hit 'em quick boys we don't want them telling the base what they found out here."

      "These fighters will not be telling anyone, anything," came Deletekey's cheery voice throughout the ship. "I just hijacked their signal, and working on tracing it back to their base. It appears they have some decent Jackers working for them, they have a nice scramble program running here, but not nice enough to stop me."

      "Don't spend too much time admiring yourself, stick and move hacker cat, stick and move." Cptn. Smokey quipped.

      "Looks like they are trying a 'death from above' tactic." Corey called to the captain as the tedos all climbed in altitude centering over the big ship.

      "Give us some tilt Captain, they are just over our arc range. Seems we may have some experienced pilots on our hands." CMSgt. Don Don was the ships third in command. He had been with Cptn. Smokey since his inaugural run in the Azmarelda.

      "Hope everyone's strapped down good, this is gonna get a little... bumpy." Capt. Smokey smiled as grabbed the controls with both hands.

      "YES! My body is strapped in securely," Deletekey snarked. "I know that was directed at MMMeeeoooWWW!"

      "Port side first!" The Captain yelled as the ship swung wildly out of kilter, pitching downward on the starboard side. 1stLt. Corey and Capt. Smokey had to work in unison to preform this maneuver, but this was not their first time. The port side gunners knew what was going happen and surprised the descending Tedos, causing heavy damage to the squad. "Starboard!" As quickly as it had pitched right the huge sled lunged left almost flipping over. The still shocked Tedo pilots were decimated as the starboard gunners use to 'riding the wave' careful picked their targets. Captain Smokey and Lt. Corey fight another few rough minutes to regain control of the ship. The whole crew, save for Deletekey, enjoyed the ride.

      "Everyone head the Merc's location for extraction," the Captain demanded for all to hear. "All guns look for those mech's and bio-freaks. The gig is up we gotta go, and now."

      "Kitty and Klink are still trap on the bottom floor!" Deletekey whined.

      "Clock's ticking hacker cat, they get out soon or none of us will. With all this they are throwing at us they have a 4 star or maybe a full bird general somewhere calling the shots. He will have seen combat and he is not to be trifled with. It won't take him long to figure out what he is playing with, after that round with the Tedos. When he launches the jet fighters we are screwed, I can't out run them even if we can survive them unloading whatever payload they happen to have. If I had known I could have arranged to have some fighters in range's too late now."
Kandar Ep 29 Kitty's Strike pt 7
The Air battle begins. The Tedo's are inbound and the Azmarelda is in the air. Captain Smokey and his crew get their turn in the fight for survival in the trap from hades.
      "What happened to my Kitty?!?" Deletekey screamed over the comm to Klink. It was only a thought to her where and how her voice was heard as she was jacked into the computer system of the Azmadrelda, but her emotions got the best of her. I her mind she was floating in midair surrounded on all sides, top and bottom with screens showing the view of different cameras. Like being inside of a large ball covered with holographic viewers. Some were mounted on the walls inside the complex, some outside, many showed the view from the helms of Kitty's crew and the mercenaries, there were a few from satellites deep in space and a couple inside the Azmarelda it'self. Directly in front of her, floating on nothingness, was a translucent control board that her hands darted around adjusting volume, changing views, and running a slew of others programs like tracers, scramblers and decoders.

      Inside the complex, Klink raced to where Kitty was trapped, but as he reaches her he heard a loud crunch behind him in the remains of the ravaged stairwell. Spinning around he saw a second and third Bio-enhanced soldier drop down into the rubble. These three had full bionic enhanced exoskeleton on the back their arms and legs connecting to the bones with large steel rods protruding like spines through the exoskeleton at each end of every bone in the limbs. On their back was some large power pack fused to their spine with more steel rods. Both eyes had been replaced with electronic viewers. Even their muscles bulged unnaturally from some kind of biological enhancements, these were full blown bio-junkies. People completely addicted to personal enhancement through any means available.

      "Eat this, you damn freaks!"  Klink yelled as he fired a grenade into the center of the front one sending him sprawling backwards with the impact. The explosion caused the other two to cover as  fire and shrapnel rained outwards on the them and occupants of the closest cages.

      Crouching down, he tucked himself in as tight as he could to the door trapping Kitty for some extra cover. He laid into the other two with a barrage of armor piercing rounds screaming "DIE CUR! DIE!" until he had emptied two full magazines. Near death, the remaining two bio-mechanical soldiers clasped in a heap on the floor. Klink jumped at the opportunity, dashing over to them with his tail wagging furiously, he finished off each with another quick burst to the head and heart. Reloading again, he slid into the stairwell and tossed another one of Finger's special pucks upward, and rolled out as the explosion rocked the already demolished stairwell. Parts of mechs and stairs came tumbling down upon the bodies left inside.

      He sprawled out on the floor facing the now completely ravaged stairwell, gun ready. After a moment of stillness he quickly loaded another grenade, just encase . "Kitty! You copy?" After a moment of silence he yelled into the comm "KITTY!"

      "Quit your screaming sissy dog, and help get this door off me." Her voice was muffled and strained, but her attitude was there.

      "Glad you are still with me. Hold tight for a moment longer, I need to make sure we are all clear."

      "Thank the Goddess," Deletekey sighed.

      "I don't seem to be going anywhere right now. And sweetie... don't worry so much. This is my job, and it takes more than a few mech's to stop this cat."

      Klink keeps watch on the pile of rubble and open area in the ceiling where the stairs use to be for a few more long moments. The terrified screams of the prisoners had died down, only a few that were injured still made any sound. "Chase," Klink called on the open comm, "go a head up to J&J. We are stuck down here for the moment. The stairs are... out of order now. We are going to have to find another top side."

      "And hurry, we are covered up with mechs and freaks," Jeremy yells. He and Johanas were held up in a room lobbing grenades down the two hallways leading out. What office furniture they found there had provided too thin a cover for the large caliber rounds these heavy infantry use. Both had been hit more than once, but were still holding their ground.

      "Copy that, I'm on my way... as quickly as I can dispatch the ones here." Chase sighed, he is out numbered and out gunned, though far from out foxed. He would do his best, but he knew, it may take him too long to provide the help Johanas and Jeremy need right now. He had used fingers' little 'puck bombs' before and had seen first hand what they could do. He was much more careful than Kitty, to keep his distance, when he used them.

      After several long moments of nothing Klink stood and moved to the still pinned Kitty. "You know I am going to have to apologize to the Boss after this," He said as his looked for  a good place to start working on the door. "We don't see a lot of mech's, so I always thought getting use to these 11mm assault rifles was a bit excessive... until now."

      After a few yanks on the door, he saw it's too wedged for just his hands to remove. Klink pulled a long blade from it's sheath on his left thigh. Wedging it between the door and the bars he was able to create enough gap for Kitty to move some and help. Working together they were able to free her from the door, but it took some time. He turned on the two lights on his helmet to get a good look at her. "Your face shield was up. Looks like your nose and mouth to the brunt of the hit." He untied the old bandanna he kept around his neck to wipe away some of the blood to look for any shrapnel. " Just a contusion, no metal anywhere, but you will feel this in the morning. Hows the rest of you feel, anything broken?"

      "I think my left shoulder is dislocated. It hurts, but not bad enough to be broken." She winced as she mentally checked the rest of her body for other damage. "There is a lot of bruising but looks like the door took most of the blast..." she looks around at the pieces and parts scattered about on the floor. "Ok, maybe the mech did, but you are going to have to pop this back in for me."

      Klink smiles as he grabs her by the shoulders, "My pleasure."

      "Thought you wou...ARRRRRR" Her words cut off to a viscous growl as he useed his strength suddenly to force the ball back in the socket.

      "A little warning would be nice," she spit between clenched teeth. She swung the left arm around a little just to make sure it is where it should be and working right. "Status update!"

      Johanas is first to respond. "Don't know how many we have taken out or how many we have left here, still taking fire from two direction and throwing everything we go at 'em. We are out of grenades, bombs ad low on ammo. We need that back up soon."

      "I am on your floor now boys, Deletekey is guiding me to you," Chase sounding more upbeat now. He felt he was close to save them when a sudden series of massive explosions rocked the whole underground complex.

      "What the hells was that?!?" Kitty commands over the comm.

      "I don't know Kitty, but it was close to me and in the direction of... by the great God himself," Chase's voice trails off

      "What happened?!? Update?!? Johanas?!? Jeremy?!? Chase?!?"

      "It's the end. We will all die down here. I told you." The Same Canine Kandar that spoke to Kitty before looks on from behind her bars, scared.

      Chase stood on the first floor down, on the edge of a massive hole, looking at the sky above and the second floor below. "I don't know Kitty...there is a crater where... where they were. We lost them...both of them."
      On the Azmarelda, Captain Santiago "Smokey" Saporta was just entering the bridge from the crew area. He was a very thick, but solid build, on a 6'8" frame. His dark brown fur had a reddish tint with stray gray hairs giving it a salted look. His plump stomach was beginning to surpass the girth of his massive chest. He was big for a Ursine, but the Kodiak clan tended to run on the large side. His left eye had been replaced with a bionic one that glowed red, he could change the color, but he liked the effect.

      His uniform was neat, creases well ironed, but it was showing the wear of many years of use. Most people, Kandar and Human a like, would still know the deep, royal blue color of the Kandar Nation Royal Air Command even though it was devoid of even patches or badges that would have identified it as such. Only the two silver bars on each side of the collar, denoting him as Captain still remained. With a low growl and a heavy thump, he plopped down in the over sized Captain's chair at the helm and spun the chair around to face the controls.

      Captain Smokey, as his crew and close friends called him, dwarfed the much small brown and white Musteline male sitting in the co-pilot position next to him. His coat was a "very classic" pattern as his parents would tell him, but he hated that he looked so much like every other "ferret." He spent a lot of time and credits to keep his coat shiny and perfectly groomed. It was his 'edge' in the mating field, even though he was well past the settling down stage of his life. 1st. Lt. Corey Degatto was dressed in the same uniform, devoid of marking but his was in much better shape than the Captains. His collar sported only one silver bar for his rank. He was a high strung, wiry fellow who fidgeted often. He started to speak several times before finding the right time. "Did you hear?"

      "And, why do you think I am here?" Captain Smokey asked rhetorically. Corey drew in his breath to speak but Captain Smokey cut him off, "yeah, yeah, yeah, they know we are here." Captain Smokey sighs loudly as he looks sideways his at his long time friend and co-pilot.  "I'm not worried about the scan, we designed this ship to be read wrong... unless they have a really, really good guy reading the scan. They will think this is just another common Leviathan pirate ship for the shape and lack of IFF systems, markings or maybe, just maybe based on the modifications they can see. But, they cannot, thanks to our wonderful design, read all the corner mounted 30mm twin rail guns. You guys know this. We're gonna tear through those Tedo's like a badger through hot cakes."

      "But...umm...what about the rest of..." 1st. Lt. Corey got out before Cptn. Smokey cut him off again.

      "Yeah, hear that conversation too, and that's the real problem ain't it. So, quit jaw jackin' and get this sled in the air. Which mean you, little hacker cat, need to pull back to all wireless as we have to cut the landlines." He looks around the bridge like he is expecting to see a hologram of her appear somewhere. "I know you are listening in somehow so, chop chop."

      "Affirmative Captain," came a sweet, yet sarcastic voice over the intercom on the bridge, "I thought that would be our next move. I am clear, all solid lines are disconnected and retracted, ready for take off."

      "Good job hacker cat," he said as he lit his customary cigar for battle.

      "Call me Deletekey, please Captain."

      "You know he is right," 1st Lt. Corey interjected as he hurried through their lift off sequence. "We are dealing with a whole brigade. This is not, just some random Tedo squad, its just part of a fighter group. Look at their formation!" pointing to the 3D holoscope radar. "They are going to have three, maybe five, yeah, probably five squads. Depending on the set up, thats gonna make one or two jet fighter squads, and that's one or two squads more than we can handle." He talks fast and sounds a little bit squeaky when he is upset.

      "And what if they read this ship right?" Deletekey adds sounding a little concerned. Mentally, she was monitoring everyone in the field and rerouting her programs while boosting the wide area wireless signal.

      Capt. Smokey looks up at one of the speakers on the bridge like that was her. "IF, they would have read the ship right... IF they realized this is to big to be a Leviathan... IF they would have seen the armor is ten inch black egog... IF they saw that there are six not four engines, which are magnesium pulse not crystalline... If they saw our guns...a lot of if's, but rest assured, IF they got any of that right...they would have sent the jets first."

      "Wait... according to those numbers...that would make this a... Royal Kandar Juggernaut!" she exclaimed. "Where in nine hells did you get a Juggernaut from? And where are all the big guns? We could use them against the jet fighters," Deletkey sounding a bit concerned.

      "Well, after the war, they were a bit conspicuous for a pirate ship, so... well it's a long story, and for another time. They would help against a brigade, but not against jet fighters, so let it go, we have other concerns right getting our tails out of here."


      CMSgt. Donald "Don Don" Haystack,the ships 3rd in command and the lead gunner snaps back over the intercom "We are already in place slow poke. We have been listening to whats happening out there too." Don Don wore a more appropriate battle attire, blue heat reducing fatigues with lots of pockets for all the gear he needed. He tried to keep fit, bit was getting a little pudgy around the middle. He had normal markings that most Procyoine did, mask and bushy, stripped tail included.

      Corey looks at Smokey covering the microphone "What are we going to do about a squadron or two of jet fighter?"

      Smokey shrugs "I'm working on it. For now, if that cat can get us some satellite images of the surrounding area we will start looking for where a hidden base or army could be. In the mean time, lets put these Tedos down and start the evacuation."

      Deletekey comes in over to comm again sounding a even more nervous this time. "No need to look for where an army is hiding, they are out in the open. I see two groups moving towards us. Sending the images to your screens now." In an instant the images of two different groups aprear on the main screen on the bridge. "Good news is you can concentrate on finding that hidden base."

      Capt. Smokey and the 1st. Lt. stare blankly at the images for a moment, the shear mass of the two armies overwhelmed them for a moment. Corey took the initiative and zoomed in on the night scope images, so they could see the insignia on the flags. "Oh, thats just great, we have a tank Regiment with a Heavy Ranger Battalion here," 1st. Lt. Corey states sounding as happy as a kid in a candy store. He flips over to the other group for a closer look there. "Oh, and Lighting Scout Battalion over here with an armored Cavalry Regiment." The look on his face as he stares at the Captain says what he dare not, 'we're screwed.'

      CMSgt. Don Don and TSgt. Salizar "Squiggles" Gomez, another Procyoine Kandar, were raising the twin 55mm turret midship when they overheard 1st' Lt. Corey. "By the mother goddess, how bad has the Wolves pissed these people off?!? Screw fighting let's get everyone we can and haul tail outa here! How much time do we have?"

      "We have a couple hours,at best, before these armies get in range. I am more concerned at the moment about if...well... when they are going to launch the jet fighters on us," Cptn. Smokey replied as he rubbed his temples trying his best to think of a viable escape plan.

      Finger's voice creeps across the comm again "Send me pictures mountain where first see Tados. I find base hidden. I fix it."

      As fast as Deletekey is, Finger's assistant and pilot, Jordy, breaks in before she can send the file to Finger's tablet. "I am getting the bird in the air now boss. Keep covering the mercs. I got this one."

      "You are idiot," Fingers responds sounding very annoyed. He laid the tablet down near by and watched the sky across town for the approaching Tedo's. From his view point he could see the whole town and most of the valley stretching south into the plains and a good ways north into the mountains.

      "Idiot or not fingers, we will be dead or long gone before you can make it across one mountain on foot," Cptn. Smokey adds.

      "Where do you want them Fingers?" she asked a bit nervously.

      "Send to both us." Mear seconds later Inferred, heat, and night scope images stolen from some satellite appeared on both of their screens.
Kandar Ep27 The Azmarelda
The Tedo's are inbound and the Azmarelda moves into action, but what about the fighter jets?
Above ground, building after building explodes, just missing the retreating mercenaries, killing or trapping nearly half of the advancing mechanized commandos, bio-soldiers. A few of the mercenaries were lost in the exchange as well. The explosions were very close to his men, but Sarge knew it was necessary to save more lives, as it bought them time to find hardened cover so they could fight back. 'You don't go shootin' at people and think they ain't gonna shoot back' he would often say. They all knew the risk of combat, and outwardly, he never shead a tear, but inside, he still felt the lose of each and every one of his soldiers that died under his command throughout his entire career.

More than half of the town was ablaze now, with several burning strong with blue or purple flames from stored chemicals. The strange flames cast an erie light across the otherwise dark town. Wind blown smoke obscured their  vision completely at times, and merely adding to the hellish vision at others. Gunfire and screams trickled through as more explosions ripped the night sky. Sarge and his mercenaries found a equipment yard on the western edge of town to hunker down in.

"Luke, Jimmy work your way south. Kera, Hopper go north start flanking them, and watch your six. Cassie, take your boys and find a high spot behind us to get that minigun set up. Everyone else stay here and stay sharp. The gloves are off, if it moves, shoot it till it stops moving, then shoot it some more," Sarge barks out the orders as they set up defenses. "Double check your ammo, explosive or high temp only, nothing else works on these asshole. Visors down go to virtual, no groaning, best view for the environment."

"It's like playing some bad video game," someone snarts.

"Yea, well we're all outa credits, so don't lose," Sarge whips back at the voice.

A feline Kandar Male dashes across an open space to slide in next to Sarge. "Looks like we lost 8 guys in that exchange, with one more in bad shape."

"I know Corporal, but we ain't losing this fight. We weren't expecting mechs and bio-freaks, but don't worry kid, this ain't my first dance."

"Mine either,and that's my point. As you know, I use to work with a mech group. They run 20 to 23 to a platoon. We have at least 1 of each up here, they have some of each downstairs too. I would bet another whole platoon of each. Which means we have a heavy company here...which means there is another platoon of both we have not seen and..."

"And a heavy company only travels with a full brigade." Sarge shakes his head in disbelief. "We are here with some heavy hitter, but you have a point...we are going to have a lot more company at this party." He looks around as more explosions go off north west of their location. "How 'bout you Deletekey, you got your ears on us?"

"Yes sir, I got all of that conversation. I would like to say I did extensive searches of the area before we started. I WAS sure that this one town and the underground compound was it. There were a few abandoned farms in the planes south of your location, but nothing that looked like it was habitated for quite some time. That being said we have been scanned, full spectrum even, from some remote location and have a Tedo squad headed at us right now. I will do another expanded search with the satellites. Captain Smokey said he will run a check with his scanners as well, since we have already been spotted."

"Hey Charlie you were in intelligence during the war right? What do they have around here?" Sarge asks as he reloads his guns.

"Well, like the lady said, there should be plenty of abandoned farms all around here and this town."

"You need to cough up more than that boy, this is ALL of our collective asses in the sling here, that includes you. You answer to just me now, nobody is coming after you from back then, so if you know something, now is the time to spill it." Sarge's frustration was beginning to come through in his voice.

"Are you sure that was are on a secure line?"  Charlie asks a bit nervously.

"Nobody is listening that I am not allowing to, and there are several here trying. Nobody, but my friends, can crack my code. You have my word on that."

"Forty two years ago, there was a big scare in this area about ground water contamination. They blamed the Breema for some secret military action, done to a secret military base. We all know the Breema kill their enemies, not the environment. It was most likely a rouse to make people move, so they could set this operation up."

"I don't know of any base up here Charlie," Sarge retorted

"I am not finding anything on any server about one either," Deletekey adds.

"Because there was no base, per say, up here. The Breema Commandant ran an operation in the mountain of this regien somewhere around... a 158 years ago, to take down a prison." He gave a long sigh, a bit nervous to say the next words "The Kandar called it... Hotel Paradise."

"That was just a myth, told to kids to scare them to behave," the Corporal exclaimed.

"Nope, sorry, but it was real. Operated by a deep cover covert group know as the Shadow Reich. Never found anything with that name, so good luck looking. They ran that prison for close to 300 years, before the Breema found it and shut it down. And before you, I don't know how, however, all the rumors you heard about it... were true. Nobody ever sent there left, alive or dead." There is a long silence on the comm before Charlie speaks again. "Only way in or out I know of is by air. Tedos work well but, jets can make it, sorry to pop your bubble there captain. They have to have to launch slow and climb hard. Only thing else I know is that it's on a north face covered in ice. The opening under a ledge to hide it from satellite view. That is all I know... happy hunting."

"Two mechs, all black, inbound due west from us Sarge! Heat rounds are bouncing off them, and armor piercing don't seem to be doing much either."

"Crap, Egog armor. Light 'em up with grenades! HORAH SOLDIERS!"
Kandar Ep 26
Trouble starts as Kitty's attack force is met with some major resistance. 
    When the door bell rang he thought it would be the movers coming back having forgot some piece of equipment. His eyes and mind strolled around the rooms as he made he way to the from door searching for something not belonging there. When he opened the door he was quite shocked as his eyes beheld a Beautiful young Kandar woman instead of three sweaty human men. "Hello" A musical voice drifted to his ears but his mind was still caught in another thought.
    Her fur was pure white from her regal, tall, fluffy ears to her long arched feet and cute toes. Long waves of soft white hair framed in her face and cascaded down her body to her waist like a waterfall. her Silky smooth fur shone in the daylight behind her highlighting her gentle natural curves. A plain black midriff hung loosely over her modest bust and black denim shorts hung low on her hips stood in great contrast of her dazzling white fur.  Many silver bracelets jingled together on her wrists and silver studs and hoops with small gems sparkled in her ears. Her thin soft pink lips matched her cute pink nose, but it was her eyes that captured him so. The long black slits of her pupils were surrounded by luminescent lavender with a star burst of brilliant blue streams. "I..." was all he could summon.
    Though still sweet and musical the irratation in her voice began to reach him. How long have i been lost here he thought to himself. "Heeellloooo, you do speak common tongue dont you human?"
    "I'm so sorry Miss i thought you were...i mean..." Closing his mouth and shaking his head at him self for a moment.
    "Did you think in a mixing neighborhood you would not see Kandar? You do know this in a mixing community."
    "No and yes, er..." he opened the door the rest of the way extending his hand out palm up right foot forwards head slightly bowed in a formal Kandar greeting.  "A pleasure to meet you Miss" This seemed to take the wind out of her vexation. She placed her hand palm down on his and curtsy. "Veratessa White good sir." Her speech switch to high regal out of reflex.
    "Well met Miss White, Jessie Dire to you." His tongue also in high regal both surprised her that he would know and embarrassed that she had in a common environment use such speech.
    Taken her hand back and now on the defensive slightly, "Please call me Tessie," returning to common speech. "there is no need for formals here. I came by to invite you to the cookout. Each month we have a social event and you have arrived on that day this month. Please join us in the center park. We have lots of different foods and treats and sweet drinks of all kinds. This is family affair so please limit the fuzzy drinks." giving him a stern look and shaking her forefinger at him.
    "I would be honored to attend. I have just started to unpack so i would need to buy something to bring..."
    "Your new and we all saw you just move in so nothing is asked of you, just you and your... mate?"
    "I'm single though i do have a colleague of mine staying with me, Jack..." looking to his right Jack stood in the hallway in his normal attire of gym shorts and bunny slippers holding a bowl of cereal wide eyed shaking his head no vigorously. Jack was very antisocial and as such awkward is social settings. He could talk all day with complete strangers in virtual but face to face he studdered horrible around new people. In a crowd he would be rendered utterly speechless. "Though I think he is interested in getting things unpacked right now."
    "As you wish." spoken to the darkness of the room behind Jessie "We look forward to your arrival." She turned and started towards the front steps of the porch.
    "Ummm, where's the park?"
    Without looking back she pointed "End if the driveway left, go three houses look right and follow the path, at the fork stay right." She glanced back over she shoulder to see him nod and down the stairs she went. Her walk so feminine and graceful her tail long fluffy and beautiful, he could not pull his eyes away. 'So beautiful' he whispered to himself. Her ears twitched and she turned her head looking over her shoulder again at him. With a coy smile and swinging her tail and bottom at him "You like my tail?" before skipping off giggling. 



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