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                             Kandar Episode 35 the journal

      A soft whisper interrupted the steady rhythm of the drums. The voice was weak and cracking, but it was just enough to register on Jack's ears. His mind jumped back to his own body from the computer downstairs, where he was searching for a clue to the drugs the Cross had been feeding Jessie. He knew it was a dead end as he had done this search many times before, but it made him feel better. The pills did not match any shape, design or color of any known brands or manufacturer. The compounds they had derived from the few tests they had managed to get back were completely unknown. Their origins were as much a mystery as the Breeding program, Project Nephilim, that Jessie claimed to be a part of; the truth behind the mind prison, Amenti, that Jack was in; and the enigmatic God code that 30 Bit System and the Cross were obsessed with.

      With his full attention on Jessie now, he tried the tricks Jessie had tried to teach him. 'Has the target's breathing changed?' He listened carefully trying to compare it to the rhythm that he had been listening to for hours. He was unsure, it was so very close to the same. 'Did the body temperature change?' No, he still felt cold. 'Screw it!' he thought. "Jessie?" he spoke softly, as if he was afraid to know the truth. Afraid that Jessie would not wake up. "Jessie?"

      The cold dull ache from his waist down, told Jessie that he had been laying on the tile floor for a long time. He could feel the softness and warmth of a body behind him and there was an arm around his neck. The arm was not tight nor did he send any ill intent, it seemed to only to be there for support. Drums were playing softly through nearby speakers. It was an upbeat rhythm, using several different kinds of drums, no other instruments enter to song in the few moments he had listened. 'Tribal maybe?' he thought confused. The scent of dried blood and bile brought the events before he passed out, crashing suddenly back into his mind.

      "Are you..."

       He reached up slowly, fighting the pins and needles in his arm, and patted Jacks arm that was around his neck. "I'm ok, Jack... I'm ok now."

      "Oh, thank the Gods you woke up!" Jack exclaimed hugging Jessie tightly. "Though, I hardly believe that you are fine, just look at yourself, you're a bloody mess." He released his hold on Jessie and helped him sit up straight.

      "I'm..." his eyes focused on the mess in the floor by the table and the bloody trail leading to himself. His clothes were all matted to his skin with the dried blood. "I'm sorry, Jack, I'll clean this up." Jessie's strength had not yet returned to him and he struggled to get up in vain. With a sigh, he succumb to just sit on the floor a while longer.

      "Like hell you will!" Jack blurted out. "You're gonna' sit hea' till you are fully ready, then you'll go clean yourself up," he commanded. After seeing the look on Jessie's face as he looked over his shoulder at him, Jack dropped his tone down to a solemn timber, "I'll take care of the floor mate, just...just rest."

      There was a long spell of only the drums playing, as they just sat there staring at the kitchen floor. Jessie was still collecting his wits and Jack was unsure of just what he should say, he had never seen Jessie in this bad of shape before. Jack scrambled to his feet to fix Jessie a glass of water, which Jessie took gratefully. Jessie nursed the glass of water with small, slow sips at first, making sure it was going to stay down. The cool water from the tap helped his dry, scratchy throat and he was able to speak clearly. "How long was I out?" His voice was full of concern, something Jack was unaccustomed to.

      Jack had only rewind the recording on the main frame to the moment Jessie had passed out.  For Jack, this action was nothing more than a thought in his mind, all the house recorders were time stamped, so it was just simple math from there. "Eighteen hours twenty three minuets and fourty one seconds, from the time you hit the floor, until you awoke just now. Thirteen hours eleven minutes and twelve seconds since your last upheaval and convulsion."

      "Convulsions?" Jessie quizzed "There were convulsions?" Jack just nodded. Jessie shook his head slowly in disbelief. He looked up at the ceiling then rubbed his eyes for a moment, trying to clear the sleep sand away. He made a face and squinted as he looked back up to the ceiling at the speakers. A futile gesture as the view did nothing to help his comprehension of what was being played. "Umm... what are we listening to?"

      Jack looked embarrassed as he scrambled for an answer. He did not want to sound desperate as Jessie seemed to be a bit of a fatalist on the topic of his own demise.  "Oh, that? It's nothing important, it's just...these drums...from...umm" Jack had nothing up his sleeve for this and stumbled. He was desperate, and willing to try anything that might help regardless of how minute the chance might be.

      Jessie sensed his friends nervousness and stepped in. "Nice rhythm, and seems kinda familiar. Is it from one of those cartoons you watch?" There were other things to worry about right now, this held no importance it was just curiosity.

      "They aren't cartoons, and no, it's from...umm... Ceiling Kitty." He was unsure if he should tell Jessie what they were really for. He knew Jessie would worry more about his reaction to what happened than his own self. "She said it was a... soothing kinda... thing like...meditation stuff?" He was stumbling on his words badly. 'That was mostly half right, I hope he does not sense me lying.' He watched Jessie stand slowly onto shaky legs. He wanted to help, but held himself from doing so. Jessie would have to do this on his own. It was nothing that Jessie had ever said, it was just something about him Jack had observed over the few years they had been working together.

      Once on his feet, Jessie leaned back against the counter to brace himself as the blood returned to his leg muscles. He rubbed his temples with the heel of his hands hoping his vision would clear faster somehow. 'This is not good,' he thought.

      "Why don't you go take a shower and relax for a bit...on something softer than a tile floor. I'll brew some tea, while I clean this up."

      "What the hell did they do to me?" he looked at Jack who seems just as lost as he was as he shrugs. "It can't be some insurance policy against going rouge, or there wouldn't be other rouge agents or hunters. Do we have any, I bet that's what they want, keep me strung out on their drugs just like the slaves, so I have to come back."

      "We are workin' on a solution, mate. None of the medications you were takin' had a name of any kind on it, just some strange set of markings, so we can't ask any one for it or research it. We have not found what the numbers on the bottles meant as they don't match any nomenclature, anywhere. We have been through a lot of the Cross' data bases without even finding the breeding or training program you were in. Though, on the bright side, Skygod sent me a note saying they found a blood expert that might be able to help." Jessie raised an eyebrow at that comment. "They are arranging transportation for him to the hospital. You are going to have to go down there and let him have some blood, and that's an order." Jack stuck his chest out trying to look bigger and imposing.

      Jessie just smiled feebly at Jack, he knew they are trying hard to help him and that all of Jack's bravado was well intended. "It's almost morning," he exclaimed, pointing at the digital clock on the counter. "Miss Kitty was suppose to hit that mock town last night, what happened?"

      "They are on the way to New Cannon now. I will give you her full report, after you shower and eat something, and not until then."

      Jessie chuckled at Jack, "you are a great friend." He felt weak, but for the first time in over a year his head was not hurting, it was a great relief. "You, all of 30 bit, Miss Kitty and the whole gang, you're all stupid for following me, but I'm grateful for each and everyone of you."

      "On the contrary, following you though hazardous, has been the best decision any of us have made. Now, I'm not letting you die yet, so stop it, and go take a shower." Jack stood resolute pointing down the hall towards the bedrooms and the bath.

      Jessie started towards the hallway, but stopped short. He looked over his shoulder with a quizzical look on his face. "Stop what?"

      Jack furrowed his brow at Jessie, before walking away towards the pantry to get the floor steamer. "Being sentimental, it's not you, and it worries me."

      Jessie watched him walk away, wondering if he was now endangering the rest of the guild. He was always so sure of himself, but as more and more lives depended on his action he had started to question himself more. "Not many people would go this far, just for a friend."

      "And yet, you have so many that would around you." Jack turned with the steamer and pointed it at Jessie. "Think about that while you shower or I'll wash you with this." Jessie couldn't help himself and laughed hard. "Better yet, think about how far you have already gone for them."

      He did mull over the question as he wondered down the hall to his room. 'I have only done that which needed to be done for each of them, kill, nothing more.  I am no savior. We are all in this life because we...' His thoughts stopped there as he contemplated the real reason. He retrieved some clean clothes from a bag in his room, a towel from the cabinet in the hall and headed to the bathing room. 'Before now, I had never given it any thought. We did this because we were good at it, but thats not really true. We do these jobs because that is how we survive. Have I really done something special? How can a killer be special?'

      After a long, hot shower, Jessie dressed in the clean clothes then went back to his room and sat alone for a while to finish gathering his thoughts. After a long spell, he brought out his backpack from the closet. It was close to the one he had while he worked for the Cross, but this one had a few extra options and did ot have a Cross logo on it anywhere. The pack was also heavier, not just for what was inside, but also because of it's design; Nanotech cloth for bullet proofing, Shantcy Coat under that for a water tight seal, and PowerDome lining for an added electrical shielding layer to protect the high value electrical components he had stashed inside from surge or EMP's. The carbon-aluminum frame did not add much weight, but with all that he kept inside it still weighed close to 85lbs.

      Though there were lots of side pouches and clips for holding various items, he went straight for the main pouch. He slipped his thumb under a small outside pouch and pressed in an opening. A small pin took a tiny blood sample and the top flap unlocked. After emptying the contents of the main pouch, he was able to open a hidden compartment in the lining on the bottom. From inside there, he withdrew a medium sized journal that appeared to be leather bound. It was well worn from years of use and abuse from his travels, though still plain to see on the cover was an embossed thick silver X, extending to all four corners. Entwined around the cross was a gold rose vine with a few white roses and lots of thorns. It the top triangle space created by the cross was the great seal of New Cannon, in the left was the agency's symbol for assassin in red, to the right the symbol for his rank in white and to the bottom, embossed in black, was the face of a wolf.

      He opened the lock on the seal with his thumb print, just like the back pack. The journal opened up to a tri-fold. The right leaf held a nice pen set made of silver, two memory sticks, two small steel tubes not much thicker than the pens, and a well worn holograph  picture of a beautiful lady in a elegant blue dress with fine white lace trim. A black velvet ribbon held his place close the three quarters of the way through the journal. He studied the last entry for a moment remembering where he was and what had happened. Seeing that the page was almost full, he turned to a new page. He drew one of the silver pen from the side and began to write. He started with the curret date and his location as each of his entries did.

      4TH Age 2213th year 6th month Mechi 35th day Fenrisdag

      'I passed out vomiting blood yesterday, making this the fourth time. Again, I was lucky that it was not in the heat of battle, but it did happen in front of ZeroJack. There will be no denying I am getting worse now. ZeroJack says they have found another someone that might can help, maybe. They are moving them to the underground hospital first, so they cannot call the cross on me or suddenly decide to kill themselves like the others. I need to stay here until the mission is done. My hope of this passing is fading. The events are getting closer and I am out for longer each time. 18:23:41 this time according to ZeroJack and he is always spot on. The only upside is this is the first day in well over a year that the headache has actually stopped. Jack thinks it comes and goes only because I do not want to tell him it just varies in intensity. He worries enough as things are. I know they did something to all of us that were in Project Nephilim. We all showed special abilities and aptitudes, greater speed, and strength than normal Humans. We all showed much greater hearing, sight, and sense of smell. They told us it was generation of breeding, but I really question that now. Only two others left there alive, that I know of. Five years later, I still cannot find even the first clue as to what happened to them. It does not help that I only have their code names, but that was the design of the project. If I make it to the end of this mission, that will move to the front of my list along with training the others. Should I fall here, I am certain Katrina will lead them well, I'm just not ready to die yet, to much left undone.'

      He closed and resealed the journal, tucked it back into it's secret compartment in the backpack, then carefully placed everything back into the pack in correct order into it's own special place. After he closed and locked the backpack, he removed one of the panels of the wainscot on the interior wall to the bathroom, and stuffed the pack inside. With the panel neatly back in place he headed for the basement to see Jack.
Kandar Ep35 The Journal
Jessie wakes up from his sickness to find himself still on the Kitchen floor. After some encouragement from Jack he take head off the shower ad rest. Afterwards he adds an entry into a secret journal. This raises more questions than answers.

If you are just joining me here is episode #1…

here is the episode before this #34…

episode #36 is still in working phase, but I should have it out soon.

thank you for reading, please leave me a comment on story :) 
                               Kandar Ep. 34 The Dream

      I am in an elevator, I know where I am going. I have been there so many times before.

      Again? Must I really see this again? How may times I have? How many times tonight? How may more times must I?

      That was it, the final straw. I was on my way in to talk to the director. Why had he ordered this. It had to be him. I know what I saw.

      This is strange, it normally does not start this far back.

      I walked right into the upper level, past where tourist can go. The automated bio-scan informs the desk and control who I am and grants me access to go right through all security check points. I am running up the flights of stairs. Here is the real check point, nobody comes past here that is not one of us, not even clergy. Bio-scan, retinal scan, key-card, and pass codes are required just to reach the front desk. The doors open allowing me into one of the most secure area. 'These makes no sense, if they wanted to...'

      Even what I was thinking that day, it's all here.

      'I had been called in two weeks ago about the medications that I was not taking, but I had been doing fine with out them. In fact, I was feeling better and better everyday. What was the deal?' After clearing, I walk right to the front desk in to reception. It was a very plain dark wood desk in the far corner of a large room. The floor, walls and ceiling were all completely tiled in a green and white marble making every sound carry and echo. Two people sat at the desk 30 hours a day 10 days a week. I replacement would step in anytime one of them had to leave, even if it was just to go to the bathroom.

      Something happens here I can feel it.

      Today a female hunter sat here with the receptionist, how odd, at best it would be a junior agent. I demand to see the director "Where is he?" I scream at them.  "Sir..." the one on the left, Connie, the hunter, started. 'Sir?' I think to myself. 'I have known these two for years, and we are on first name bases. Something is about to happen.' She starts to reach in her coat. I am over the desk in a flash, my left hand jamming her gun back into its holster and pinning her arm there across her body. The barrel of my right gun is pressing hard on her left eye, threating to pop the eyeball out of its socket.

      I am angry and have every right to be, but I am not normally like this.

      "YOU MISUNDERSTAND ME, THAT WAS NOT A REQUEST! WHERE IS HE RIGHT NOW!" the one on the right, Sara, starts to move, I freeze her with just a glance. I can see the terror in her eyes.

      "Please, just let me check," her words are shaky and nervous. I really didn't mean to scare her, she is just a receptionist.

      As I stand, I help Connie to her feet, removing her gun as I do. I completely disassembly it and scatter the pieces across the black and white marble tile of the room. "That was unnecessary," she says dejectedly.

      "Was is?" I reply

      "He is in the big conference room Charlie. He is expecting you Blackwolf."

      I am watching through my eyes, but I cannot control anything. I am just along for the ride.

      I am looking down at that ugly paisley carpet they had in the halls, makes me think of a bad marmoset flick.

      A few quick turns and I am standing in front of the director. The tables and chairs are gone from the room, it's wide open. He has her long, beautiful hair wrapped around his left fist and holding a gun to her head with the other. "You should have died with your team Blackwolf. Take your guns out and lay them down on the ground, now."

      Five people quietly enter from behind me forming a semi-circle.

      I cannot see them... I feel them... they are all assassins...they are strong, but they are scared. How do I know they are there? How do I know what they feel. I didn't hear them and there are no mirrors.

      Quietly I hear her speak these words to me, "I will always love you." That is when everything begins to slow down like adjusting the frame rate down on a holoviewer to catch something you missed.

      I see his muscles flex in his forearm. I see his finger pull the trigger. I watch horrified as the bullet leaves the gun and enters her temple.

      It is impossible, but I saw it.I know I did and see it here, again and again unable to look away.

      I see the bullet exit and hit the wall. I can see the blood drops one by one hit the wall to my right. I look right into her eyes as the light fades from my my mothers eyes. I felt something inside, like a heavy switch, almost audible, and the whole world slowed to a crawl.

      I am dropping down to one knee and spinning around. I fired at them as they were still aiming, left... right... left... right... left. I see each of the five bullets I fired hit their mark, entering each one, just below the chin, in the soft flesh and exiting through the top of their skulls. The 11mm hollow points doing exactly what they were designed to do, instant death.

      How am I so fast?

      Again, I am standing in front of the director, my mothers body has not even hit the floor yet. He is drawing on me and taking aim as I fire again. The bullet hits him in the shoulder. I see and feel 'Yes I feel it.' his ball and socket join shatters as the bullet passes through. His arm goes limp, the gun dropped from his hand. He has this look on his face, it's not pain or shock, it's fear, pure unadulterated fear as he looks at me.

      He knows it is over for him, but there is something else there. Our kind do not fear death, yet he is consumed with it.

      This rage swells inside me I have never felt before, over coming me, exploding into my mind and my body bursting forth like a broken water main. Such sound erupted from me that I have never heard from any living thing before or since. I swear I see the world tremble or wobble, just before everything turns red.

      I don't mean figuratively, this weird red tint took over my vision. It is the same here even in my dreams.

      I fire again, my right gun, and more than I aimed, I willed the bullet out of the gun. I do not sense my finger pull the trigger yet,  I watched the bullet leave the gun and enter his right eye. I screamed again. "AAAAAARRRRGGGGGG"

      "JESSIE!" It's Jack's voice. "Jessie! Are you ok? Are you back?"

      I am laying in the kitchen floor, the back of my head resting on his stomach with his legs to either side of me, his arms are holding my head up. It is dark outside and the light are dim inside. I hear this strange rhythm, just drums, no other instruments, playing softly. "I'm awake." My own voice sounds far away. My clothes are stuck to me. Then it all came rushing back to me, where I was and, why I was there.
Kandar Ep 34 NIghtmares
It feels like he is caught in a loop, watching the same scene over and over again. What is it's meaning?

The beginning…

Episode 33…

Episode 34 WIP
the seal of New Cannan by DarkMoonWolf70
the seal of New Cannan
first draw of this idea i have a few others I would like to add
      Charlie, Kera, Hopper, Apollo, and Gracie snagged a family transport from a near by house and took off in the direction of the train depot. Time being of the essence they did not bother with opening the gate when they reached the depot, they just drove straight through it. Quickly they swarmed the single long building and dock, busting open any and all doors they found, looking for the opening to this tunnel Miss Kitty was in. Inside the building they found a stash of medical supplies, including a massive amount of Sodium Thiopental, and lots of crates full of manacles. It was Apollo, that accidentally tripped over the switch behind the counter, that opened the hidden entrance on the side of the dock.

      Outside, at the end of the wooden dock, the side slide down as a part of the wooden dock lifted straight up, exposing the entrance to the tunnel. Inside they found a mining transport vehicle with three passenger cars attached to it. This gave them 60 seats, but even double seated it was going to take several trips to get everyone out.  The Azmarelda radioed over that they were sending over the medical sleepers for the refugees along with a couple of extra guys to help expedite things.

      "At least each trip is going to be shorter and faster as they are moving this way," Kera stated. She was the ranking officer there so everything was by her call. She had been with Sarge for several years and came highly rated. The long pretty blond hair fooled many, she was a battle hardened, heavily decorated, ex-special forces, specialized in heavy weapon with a keen mind for battle tactics. She knew everyone in the outfit and what they could do. "Hopper, you have run one of these things before right?" He nodded a 'yes' then headed down the ramp into the tunnel to the tram. "Apollo, start moving the supplies out for pick up, the rest of you spread out and see what other goodies we can find. Keep your eyes open for stragglers. I'll keep watch here, we are check point Tango."

      As soon as Miss Kitty knew about the tram they had found, she began moving the injured and weakest to the front of the line to be loaded first. They got another lucky break as the ground in the tunnel slopped upwards fairly quickly, getting them out of the rising water. Apollo made the call to back down the tunnel, not knowing if there was any turn-arounds along the way. It would make his trip down slower, but it would be easier going backwards empty, than with the tram loaded full of people.

      In town Chase was joined by Sarge and his remaining twelves guys in the crater. Sarge had them form a human line to pass all the loot up and out of the hole. Smokey's crew rolled out two 40 foot sea containers with a lumper truck, once they had the fire out and their fallen taken care of. Smokey's ground crew set the two containers as close as they safely could to the crater to expedite the loading and then several of them joined in loading the loot.

      The last few crew members of the Azmarelda, along with rather frazzled medic and nurse that Miss Kitty had brought along for the refugees, rode with the lumper truck as it took the first of the Medical Sleepers to the train station.

      Medical sleepers, or sleeper boxes as the pirates called them, were used to transport critical patients in mass out of a battlefield to a hospital or from one facility to another, while keeping them in a comatose state. The patient is placed in a small coffin like box, called a sleeper, and given a small amount of Sodium Thiopental to induce a comatose state. They are hooked into the sleeper's bio-feed that monitors and keeps them at the lowest possible state safely. These are loaded into sea container sized box that keeps them all powered and protected. All of those inside the Medical Sleep can be monitored on a medical tablet, with the right software of course.

      They arrived at check point Tango with the first of these as the second load of refugees were emerging from the tunnel. It was not the first time they had seen one, and the refugees began to panic. "Why are you going to put us in that? Where are you taking us? What are you people? I thought you were going to save us. It's just more slavers." were the calls from the growing crowd.

      By the luck of the Goddess, Miss Kitty had come out with the first group to help with the transition. She was on the first of the missions where slaves were found and rescued from these people or people like them. "Easy people. We are here to save you, and the only way we can keep you safe, and all the others we have saved safe, is that none of you see where we take you. We use these with an anesthesia drug to give us the time to get you there, and this helps to keep you from going into withdraws from whatever they have been giving you. At this point we don't know what or how much they have been giving you, and don't want to overdose anyone or mix up something that will be fatal to you. You will go to sleep here and wake up in a hospital where you will be safe from these and any other slavers."

      "That is how they brought us here, why should we trust you. How can we be sure you people are not just another group of slavers?" They asked fearful.

      Miss Kitty whistled loudly to get everyone attention as the crowd was faltering. "We are working for a small underground group that is trying to end the slave trade, but honestly, I don't have anyway to prove it, until we get you to our hospital. This is on trust, however, you all know that staying here is a death sentence, or worse. We have been doing this for a couple of years now, and I have not had to rescues the same person twice in a  long time. Meaning, they will not get their hands on you again."She let that sink in a moment before she continued on. "You will all get the treatment you need. You will be released from our hospital free and clear when you are off the drugs and feel you are ready. You will not be pushed out early to make room or to save money as treating people like you is all they do and we have plenty of room. You can return to your families if you wish or be relocated else where. We even have a few who have stayed at the hospital to help others like themselves. Your families will be safe from these people. You will be free and it will not cost you or your family a single credit. I promise you all of this, by my honor and the Goddess herself."The crowd was growing as another group arrived and they all seemed unsure but caught is a hard place with this as the only way out.

      A Leporine female with gray fur and black highlights came forward from the crowd towards Miss Kitty. She was holding a a small Leporine child in her arms that had passed away some time before the mission began, by the looks of it. "How can you pay for..." looking around at the soldiers that were now assisting with the set up of the sleeper boxes then back to Miss Kitty "all of this and our care too? How can we not be indebted to you?" Her voice was small, trembling with fear.

      "Like I said, we are working for a small underground group, their money comes from wealthy donors with thick wallets that hate slave traders, and..." Miss Kitty gave an evil smile as she looked around, "we take it from the slavers themselves. We rescue all the slaves they have, destroy their drugs so they do not end up on the streets again, and use whatever cash we find to help pay for the next attack on them."

      Another came forward and said they had seen the look or her face when she entered the cage room, she wanted be the first in a sleeper as she had no doubt of Miss Kitty's intent. With that, the rest gave in and lined up. The process went quickly with Smokey's guys unloading the empty sleepers and loading the 'live boxes' back in the Medical Sleeper while Kera and her guys were assisting the medical staff in getting everyone in the sleepers and set up for the ride.

      The underground transport kept bringing more refugees out, even after all the containers were filled, the Medic began to panic and asked Miss Kitty "How many more are down there?"

      "A lot," She replied with a sigh. "we had a head count of 621 living and another twelve dead."

      "We are out of room here. These medical sleepers only hold sixty each and you only brought..." He flips through some things on his tablet "six, according to your records here. Which means, we need more sleepers for them and spaces for the fallen as well."

      "They used the same thing in the train to bring us here. Though, I am not sure how many cars they have set up that way," one of the refugee offered, pointing at the train cars.

      "That's a great idea we can load them on the train and take it," one of Smokey's guys exclaimed. A Hircine male with white fur, black hair and markings. His horns were thick, dark and made a full circle before pointing upwards again, giving away his age a bit. She guessed he was a mechanic, by the dark oil stains on his uniform.

      Miss Kitty glared at them with a dumb look. "The train is to slow and they can follow it, tracks? Hello?"

      "You misunderstand. I mean take the train, like with us. Train cans and sea can are the same thing silly girl. We will just use the drop crane in the Azmarelda hook 'em up off the train, the lumper truck won't do that. It will be a little slower loading, thats all." He a bit of a smart-ass attitude, said it with a smile.

      "I like the way you think." Miss Kitty snickered.

      "That's great and all but, what about an anesthesia? I am running out. Nobody said we would have so many." The medic declared still in a panic.

      "We found some in the depot, see if it is still good. Check in there." Kera pointed at the pile of supplies near the tunnel entrance. "If it's good, use all you need, but the wine is ours."

      Captain Smokey boomed in on the comms suddenly, "We are on our way over now, Count 'em out and get enough boxes unhooked from the train. We will load the refugees straight on the Azmarelda and snatch the extra boxes from the air as we leave. Don't mean to be the dark cloud here, but we are running out of time people!"

      The last hour of loading wore hard on everyones nerves as they kept expecting one army or another to come charging in on them at any moment.  Smokey made the call that they would be going the scenic route through the desert to avoid any unwanted attention. Along with the damage they took the longer route would take the better part of eleven days to get to New Cannan.
Kandar Ep 33 the Escape
Missy Kitty and the crew are found, but can they get everyone and everything out before the next wave hits.

the beginning…

Episode 32…

the next 33 WIP

I am a whole week behind on this grrr.
Kandar Ep 32

      The Azmarelda swoops into the town with the engines roaring and guns firing. They circle Sarge and his mercenaries targeting the remaining Mechanized Commandos and the Bio-enhanced soldiers. They set down in between them and the large crater where Chase is working on recovering the bodies of Johanas and Jeremy's.

      "Umm, guys...I think I found something," Chase calls over the comm. "Deletekey, send pictures to everyone, and Sarge... I need you and your guys down here."

      "Damn it kids you are going to get us all kil..." Captain Smokey begins to protest, but stops mid sentence  as the images of what Chase was seeing comes across his screen. "By the Mother Goddess..."

      Six holographic pictures of two rooms appear on everyones visors and Finger's tablet, he does not like helms of any kind. The view was looking down into two side by side rooms, from a gapping hole in their ceiling, left by the explosions. The first room had shelves to each side and a large table in the center, all filled with various bags of pills and powders. This was the main stash of the drugs the slavers have been giving the prisoners to enslave them and distribution around the country to regional crime lords ad local drug pushers.

      The second room has two pallets of neatly stacked money and 6 more pallets with bars of silver, gold, and platinum. To the sides of this room are black velvet bags. The kind gems are normally kept in, but these are much larger. A single bag would fill a small bathroom trash can.

      After a few long moments of silent awe from everyone Chase breaks the the stillness. "Captain, do you have some empty transport containers in your ship."

      Smokey replies slowly still a bit stunned. "Yeah, some 20 footers and a couple 40 footers... but... but... we need to go before they gets jets in the air." His words picking up pace as the gravity of the situation hit home, though his eye did not want to pull from this dream before them.

      "That looks great, and will pay for this trip with a little profit, ha ha ha. However, we are still getting everyone out of this cage filled room and into a dark tunnel, filling with water." Miss Kitty laughs at the irony of what she said. "We are moving a bit slow as these people are not in the best of shape and the water level is rising, mid thigh on me now. They are telling us that this tunnel leads to the train depot to the northwest of town. This is apparently how they bring the prisoners in."

      "That's five miles based on your current location, and thats if the tunnel is a straight line!" Corey calls back.

      "Right, so it's going to take us a few hours to make it there, but if you guys are smart you will send someone there, to find the entrance to this tunnel, and see if we can get the transport that runs on these rails here down here to us," her voice is dripping with contempt. "Things might go a little quicker."

      "I got you covered Miss Kitty. Charlie, head to that depot with your boys, take kera and hopper too. Luke, take Jimmy and another, start finding our fallen. The rest of you with me, we are going to get paid."

      "That's nice and all but how much time do we..." Gunner.

      "There it is, I have the base n...Oh shit we have jets. Two, no three now, shit they are launching more... looks like... 12 more scheduled to launch. I doubt I can stop them."

      "I will fix it." Fingers starts grabbing his gear.

      "No offense Fingers, but this fight will be over before you can get there." Captain Smokey's voice is calm and solemn. "Its been a great ride boys. Pirate or military you guys are the best crew ever."

      "Sorry to break the eulogy, but I have an urgent message from Skygod, two objects, well strange energy trails, in bound from the north at...7000 mph? What the!?! That cant be right, but that is what he is showing me."

      "Nothing moves that fast." Sarge barks

      "Put it up on my screen, Deletekey!" Captain Smokey commands

      "Only a ghost ship could go that fast," The Corporal whispers into the comms. His expression to Sarge is only confusion.

      "What are you trying to say Corporal?" Sarge demands

      "They were all destroyed, long ago," bewilderment echoed in every word the Captain said. "I saw the last of them destroyed when I was a kid."

      A massive explosion in the mountains to their north rocks the town, toppling all but the most sure footed or seated, even in the tunnel all and knocked off their feet falling in the water. On one of the many views in Deletekeys head, she see the mountain, containing the old prison base, explode in a ball of light. "What in nine hells could possible..."

      "Photon missiles. Very beautiful, but Fingers not do."

      One of the gunner's still strapped in yells across the comm bringing everyone back to reality, "Got visual on the first fighter, gonna let 'em hav..." Before he can finish the sentence the corner where he was exploded. The whole ship was rocked by the explosion. On the starboard side the top bow gun was gone, flames leapt from the gaping hole where it was.

      "They are on to us, that was a tank buster missile. Scramble the fire team now! The rest of you, keep firing at 'em and may the Goddess guild your hands."

      Suddenly the two fighters in view erupted into a ball of fire falling to the ground in pieces. "OY! done got yer'self in a dung heap again, eh fuzzy butt." comes over the intercom on the bridge of the Azmarelda.

      "You cant't be...I saw you die. Theres no way you... you can..." Captain Smokey looks at Corey shocked as if he might have the answers. Corey can only shrug, he is completely lost and stunned at the events and his Captain's words and reaction.

      The ground and the ship tremble violently as two unseen objects roar past them somewhere in the nights sky. Mer moments later two more explosions of light south of them light up their world removing all shadows and revealing the great damage they have done to this little town.

      The unknown voice again calls to the Captain over the bridge's intercom "That will keep them pissin' an fetchin' fer a while now." The voice bursts into a loud guffaw for a bit before continuing. "Oy, captain, we be singing zippers and pitching pennies in four or five h'ours eh?" There was a moment of silent as Captain Smokey was to shocked to respond. "We are even now, Oy?" with that the two objects speed off as fast as they came.

      Captain Smokey stabs the talk button on his console and yells into the microphone "I will always owe you Cappy, you and the Dragon Riders."

      "What in the nine Hells was that?!?" Deletekey begs

      "No kidding DK," Miss kitty chimed in. "What the nine level of hells is going on up there?"

      "That was the Kandar Nation's greatest fighters to ever grace the skies. I'll explain later, but for now, we got 4 hours to get out of of the frying pan before our collective tails are worse than dead, 5 tops. Get you tail moving fast Miss Kitty. Sarge, hades, everyone, we are on borrowed time, we should be dead."

      He takes a moment to clear his thought before speaking again. "Those fighters serve the Breema Commandant, and their ground forces will be here in under five hours. We, in no uncertain terms, cannot be here when they get here, no if and or buts about it, or we will all live nice long prison."
Kandar Ep. 32 Surprises, come in threes?
    The crew get a few extra surprises on the battle field. They need to run, but Miss Kitty and Klink are still 4 stories underground with the refugees. What else could go wrong for them?
    When the door bell rang he thought it would be the movers coming back having forgot some piece of equipment. His eyes and mind strolled around the rooms as he made he way to the from door searching for something not belonging there. When he opened the door he was quite shocked as his eyes beheld a Beautiful young Kandar woman instead of three sweaty human men. "Hello" A musical voice drifted to his ears but his mind was still caught in another thought.
    Her fur was pure white from her regal, tall, fluffy ears to her long arched feet and cute toes. Long waves of soft white hair framed in her face and cascaded down her body to her waist like a waterfall. her Silky smooth fur shone in the daylight behind her highlighting her gentle natural curves. A plain black midriff hung loosely over her modest bust and black denim shorts hung low on her hips stood in great contrast of her dazzling white fur.  Many silver bracelets jingled together on her wrists and silver studs and hoops with small gems sparkled in her ears. Her thin soft pink lips matched her cute pink nose, but it was her eyes that captured him so. The long black slits of her pupils were surrounded by luminescent lavender with a star burst of brilliant blue streams. "I..." was all he could summon.
    Though still sweet and musical the irratation in her voice began to reach him. How long have i been lost here he thought to himself. "Heeellloooo, you do speak common tongue dont you human?"
    "I'm so sorry Miss i thought you were...i mean..." Closing his mouth and shaking his head at him self for a moment.
    "Did you think in a mixing neighborhood you would not see Kandar? You do know this in a mixing community."
    "No and yes, er..." he opened the door the rest of the way extending his hand out palm up right foot forwards head slightly bowed in a formal Kandar greeting.  "A pleasure to meet you Miss" This seemed to take the wind out of her vexation. She placed her hand palm down on his and curtsy. "Veratessa White good sir." Her speech switch to high regal out of reflex.
    "Well met Miss White, Jessie Dire to you." His tongue also in high regal both surprised her that he would know and embarrassed that she had in a common environment use such speech.
    Taken her hand back and now on the defensive slightly, "Please call me Tessie," returning to common speech. "there is no need for formals here. I came by to invite you to the cookout. Each month we have a social event and you have arrived on that day this month. Please join us in the center park. We have lots of different foods and treats and sweet drinks of all kinds. This is family affair so please limit the fuzzy drinks." giving him a stern look and shaking her forefinger at him.
    "I would be honored to attend. I have just started to unpack so i would need to buy something to bring..."
    "Your new and we all saw you just move in so nothing is asked of you, just you and your... mate?"
    "I'm single though i do have a colleague of mine staying with me, Jack..." looking to his right Jack stood in the hallway in his normal attire of gym shorts and bunny slippers holding a bowl of cereal wide eyed shaking his head no vigorously. Jack was very antisocial and as such awkward is social settings. He could talk all day with complete strangers in virtual but face to face he studdered horrible around new people. In a crowd he would be rendered utterly speechless. "Though I think he is interested in getting things unpacked right now."
    "As you wish." spoken to the darkness of the room behind Jessie "We look forward to your arrival." She turned and started towards the front steps of the porch.
    "Ummm, where's the park?"
    Without looking back she pointed "End if the driveway left, go three houses look right and follow the path, at the fork stay right." She glanced back over she shoulder to see him nod and down the stairs she went. Her walk so feminine and graceful her tail long fluffy and beautiful, he could not pull his eyes away. 'So beautiful' he whispered to himself. Her ears twitched and she turned her head looking over her shoulder again at him. With a coy smile and swinging her tail and bottom at him "You like my tail?" before skipping off giggling. 



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