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Kandar Episode 9 Pretty Dresses and Ugly Scars

       A few days had past since the big cookout. Though school was out for spring break, most children had lots of group activities or kept to the various parks in this residential area. The usual traffic of people to and from work with those walking their pets did not change. Life in this neighborhood was moving along the same as always, quietly.

       On this morning Tessy walked out of the house with three medium sized black canvas bags strung over her shoulder. She passed through the front yard to the center driveway where she dumped the bags in a heap. After a few moments puller out her holocomm and started sorting through her schedule and correspondence.

       She was wearing an ornate cotton dress that matched her beautiful white fur perfectly. The thin lace straps over going over her shoulders, matched lace on the bottom of the skirt, that hung loosely just past her mid thigh. Her hair had small french braids on each side flowing back under her ears, to join into one with a red bow at the center. The ends of the ribbon were woven into the braid dangling downward with the waves and curls of the rest of long white hair, making it stand out dramatically. She wore less jewelry than normal, but more makeup. Her long tail was well brushed, appearing full and lush, as It drifted low close to the ground before curving back up in a “U” shape.

       A few short moments later, Sadina came up the driveway dancing and spinning. She was dressed the same as Tessy and carrying two dull gray bags that looked quite large against her small frame. Her makeup was impeccable, done by her older sister of course. Sadina had little patients or aptitude for such things. Dashina had accented her sisters eyes and delicate facial features exceptionally, bringing out her natural beauty. A red ribbon was tied in a large bow just before the poof of fur at the end of her long, sleek, tail she drug on the ground behind her. "Kiki's mom makes such beautiful dresses," she exclaimed spinnings around again before throwing her bags down next to Tessy's.

       "Yes she does.” Tessy responded politely. “Now, lift the end of your tail like a lady should and get that bow out of the dirt." Tessy pointed to her own tail as an example. Rolling her eyes at Tessy, Sadina did as instructed.

       "My mom has this gift for making things that fit all our body types and make us all look good at the same time," Kiki added walking up the driveway behind Sadina. She was dragging a rather large black duffel bag with some effort. Her tall Leporine ears stood up straight, only after relieving her burden in the growing pile of bags. Cheek kisses all around followed, Kiki was by far the most affectionate one of the group and the foremost flirt. Her fur was short haired, and solid white like Tessy’s. She wore the same white dress as the other two with a larger red ribbon tied around her waist with a huge bow in back just over her fluffy little cotton tail.

       Sadina suddenly grabbed on to Kiki’s over abundance of breasts. "By the Goddess! If, these things get any bigger and you will fall over."

       Kiki looked down at them with some distress in her soft voice and a little sadness in her large pink eyes "If they get any bigger, I will have to buy all new clothes... AGAIN."

       "Those things of hers get any bigger and we will all have to buy new clothes just to get noticed around her," came Madison's voice from behind them. Kiki tilted her head and peered over her shoulder, letting her ears dangle, as she stuck her tongue out at the two approaching Human girl. The sisters, Madison and Megan, were also wearing the same dress. Both had straight bright red hair, emerald green eyes and light skin with a few freckles. Madison the older of the two had her red ribbon tied around her neck as a choker with a small bow in front. She kept her hair feathered back and trimmed just above her C cup breasts she was very proud of. Secretly, she was very jealous of Kiki's. She joked often of Kiki's bussom to throw others off but instead they tended to think she had a thing for Kiki, as did Kiki who played on it often.

       "She can have all the attention, I am not wearing anything smaller than I already do." Megan was 5cm shorter than Madison, who stood 170cm tall. Megan had a more athletic build and longer hair, that was braided and tied with a red bow at the small of her back. Though her bust was the same size as her older sister’s, she tried to hide them, wanting recognition for something other than her looks. Much to both of their dismay, Megan was a more popular model. "As always the pale ones are first on the scene" Madison remarked. "Where are all our more colorful cohorts?"

       "Boo!" Sylvia, a gray Sciurine Kandar, popped out from behind Megan pulling Julie, a red Vulpine Kandar along by the hand. Sylvia was always in high gear, never slowing down. They were followed by three male Kandar who were carrying their bags. Kitara a Feline Breema, Bobby a black Ursine and Sylvia's little brother, Carl. All three wore similar denim pants and black, treaded straps. Kitara had a on a blue button down shirt that was untucked, Bobby and Carl wore plain black cotton Tee's with the sleeves rolled up. "You know if you girls were not so impatient we would have gotten your bags as well" Carl interjected.

       Sylvia and Carl were close to Sadina's height at 127cm and 132cm respectively with a similar petite build. Both of their coats were medium gray peppered with black and brown while the whole front and insides of their limbs down to their elbows and knees were off white. Their ears were smaller than the others rounding off at the top. Sylvia wore the same white dress with her red ribbon tying her hair back at the nap of her neck in a large bow. She spoke seldomly around friends and hardly at all in the company of strangers. Her voice was very high pitched and she was very selfconscious of it.

       Julie's reddish brown fur matched her spiky bangs and ponytail, tied with a red ribbon, that was poofed out to match the fullness of her tail. Her breasts and belly were white matching her longer maw, cheeks and the tip of her tail. Her hands and feet looked as if she wore long back gloves and knee socks off setting the white dress dramatically. She had a slender athletic build of 160cm, that she spent many hours maintaining. As cliché as it may be of a fox, she was the trickster of the bunch. Checking her Holocomm she announced to the boys, “the last three ladies are ready. Would you split up to help them with the bags, please?”

       “I got Eleanor!” Carl exclaimed darting off as fast as he could.

       Kitara looked at Bobby and sighed. “Yeah, yeah, I’ll go get Caroline.”

       “Cool, thanks bro,” Bobby said with a sigh of relief. With that, the two left in opposite directions.

       Shortly after the boys split off a large, luxury transport arrived stopping on the street in front of Tessy's house. Inside, it was no longer the huge rooms that it was in her great great grandmothers day. The over sized bedroom was converted into three smaller rooms with a stack of three single beds on each side. The large bath had been divided into two separate complete bathrooms. The kitchen and living room remain as they were before to accommodate the comforts of the greater number of occupants it could now hold. The exterior had the seal of the White Queen covering the back half of each side. Though it still remained armored, most of the weapon systems had been removed since the end of the war.

       Tessy picked up her bags as the transport came to a stop. "Come on lets go claim our beds," she pronounced half-heartedly. With some murmurs, everyone grabbed their bags and followed her onto the transport. Once on board they quickly filed to the back to claim a bed by placing their bags on it. This was not their first journey together, nor their first time on this transport. Sylvia and Sadina always picked pick top bunks in the same room, both loving to climb, then went to find a comfy seat in the spacious living room.

       "Hey Sadina, look at this!” Sylvia declared looking out the large window on the drivers side of the living room. “That Jessie guy has an old style Sandrunner in his garage."

       Jumping up from her seat, Sadina peered out the window to study the back of the large off road vehicle. "Lets go check it out while we wait on the others." Smiling with mischief they head for the door.

       "Do not go and get those dresses dirty" Tessie called from a room in back.

       "We won't," they said in unison.

       The two girls headed towards Jessie’s garage to check things out. They quietly tiptoed into the open garage to get a closer look at the Sandrunner. It was facing inwards, all four doors and the rear hatch were closed, but the hood was slightly ajar. Sylvia peered in the window with her hands cupped over her brow to get a better view at the insides. Sadina started tapping on the metal body with a nail, listening to the sound.

       Jessie heard the noise from under the Sandrunner, where he was working. When he slide out on a creeper appearing directly at Sylvia and Sadina. "Whose there?" He began. His immediate view straight up both their short dresses. "Ooops," he exclaimed as he shoved himself back under the Sandrunner to come out the other side. "I am really sorry about that. I was not expecting anyone."

       The two girls quickly looked at each other and mouth the words 'Don't you dare tell Tessy.' They looked back towards the transport to see Tessy approaching. "Don't worry about it" Sadina assured him.

       "I am really sorry ladies," he continued.

       "Hush!" Sadina giving him a look as he came into view from around the vehicle

       "I hope you won't be mad at me, I didn't..." he kept apologizing.

       Sadina looked at Sylvia and uttered under her breath, "shut him up quickly before she gets here."

       Before Jessie could utter another word, Sylvia had dashed around to the front of the vehicle to him. She was only chest high to him so he had to reach up with one hand to covered his mouth. The other hand was in front of her and landed on his stomach as she stopped. Out of shear reaction, Jessie grabbed her wrists. "Wow your fast!" he said shocked.

       The winced look of pain on her face, made him realizes his grip was to tight for her frail arms. Quickly letting go, he started apologizing again, "Opps, I’m sorry. You just surprised me with your speed." With her wrists free, the one only moved to join the other at his washboard stomach, she only just noticed was bear. Her gaze fell from his eyes to straight ahead, at his naked chest. Her eyes grew wide and she bite her bottom lip as her hands pressed against him. Sadina’s tapping away on various parts of his truck drew his attention. "Wha..." he started but was drawn back to Sylvia as her hands caressed his stomach muscles. He looked down at her, but could not find the words to say anything.

       "Get your hands off that filthy thing right now!" Tessy commanded as she strode into the garage. Both Sadina and Sylvia jump back clasping their hands together. "If you get that dress dirty I will be forced to tell our mothers why." Sadina and Sylvia exchange glances wondering who she was fussing at. "Sink! now!wash them!" Tessy points to a shop sink in the corner of the garage.

       Jessie is left still shirtless in an awkward moment starring at Tessy,who was starring at him. Just for a moment he lost himself in her eyes again. 'What is it about this girl?' he asked himself. "Um, let me put my shirt on," he managed after a spell. He walked over near the two at the sink and reached up past them to a hook by the stairs, where his shirt was hanging.

       While his arms were stuck up in the air and his back to her, Tessy saw what she thought was part of a clan mark on his left shoulder blade. "Wait," the word escaped her lips before she could stop herself. She quickly covered her mouth out of reaction. Jessie froze in place, left arm in the air reaching for the shirt, unsure of what she meant. He looked back over his left shoulder at Tessy. She had her hands clasped over her mouth and a look of surprise in her eyes. This was a common look to Jessie from people that had not seen the horrors of war. Tessy scanned his back again trying to find that partial mark. The element lights of the garage reflected off the scars on his back hiding what she thought she saw. What she did see was lots of criss crossing scars dotted with bullet wounds. Jessie was sure she was stunned at what she saw.

       Beside him Sylvia was stealing a look at his abs that were at eye level as she bent over the shop sink, the scars did not even register to her. "Mmmmm" she hummed quietly to herself. Sadina caught her looking and poked Sylvia with her tail. Busted, she bit her bottom lip to keep from making any sound and returned her attention to washing her hands. Sadina giggled at Sylvia as she looked around for something to dry her hands on. "Do you have a towel or something we can dry our hands on, please Sir?" Jessie retrieved the shirt from the hook and handed it to them.

       "I was hoping you wouldn't notice them. Its not my best feature," He said as he turned around slowly with his arms out stretched. His upper arms, ribs, chest, back and stomach were covered in more scaring going down past the waist of his pants. Some of the scars even appeared to have been darkened. “Most people are a bit squeamish or out right appalled by them.”

       "Who cares about the scars! Where did you get this Sandrunner?" Sadina asked, changing the subject quickly to what she wanted. She may be small, but she learned to be assertive. Jessie, stunned at her lack of the usual disgust he encounter, even to a complete disreguard of them, left him speechless. She walked over and kicked one of the tires "This thing here! It is called a Sandrunner! HELLO! Where did you get it?"

       Jessie was happy the subject was changed " an auction."

       "Horsefeathers! This one is a military model, they don't sell these to the public," Sadina demanded.

       "Salvage auction, in a less... moral standing area. The power plant was shot up, windshield and doors too, and I wont mention what the inside looked like,” he retorted. “If you look at the grill there is several 25mm holes." All three ladies, intrigued, move to the front of the Sandrunner to observe the holes. "I have been rebuilding it. And yes, you are right it's a military issue model. Wolf class, though I have it listed with the DMV as an Eagle Class, Bird of Prey model." Sadina gave him a 'be serious' look. "In the city nobody check to see what you really have, they are happy you are paying your usage fees and stamp your papers, especially if it costs a lot."

       "And the serial numbers?" She quizzed.

       "Taken from a Bird of Prey on its way to recycling. A little extra money at the title office and nobody is the wiser." He stepped around them to open the drivers door. Reaching in, he hit a button under the dash. Pneumatic cylinders lifted the whole front cover up, including both quarter panels, exposing the engine, suspension, and tires. "I did some research and bought the LZX1800 to replace what was here. I couldn't very well buy what the military had in here, even with my connections and a lot of extra money. This model had a special, limited run engine." Inside the engine compartment was very dirty, with odd pipes and wires running everywhere in no pattern or order. "I got the manual online for the LZX1800, but nothing in this matches up."

       "You did this?" Sadina asks dumb founded. She started towards the engine compartment but Tessy grabed her by the tail.

       "Oh no you don't,” Tessy protested. “You are not getting that dress dirty, also you have a habit of sticking your tail up in the air when you are happy. Like when you are working on something.” Tessy accented the comment with a stern look and shaking her finger at Sadina. “And, I am willing to bet you do not have bloomers or Kados on, like you should." Sadina responded by quickly brushing down her tail and the back of her dress with her hands. "Come back when we do not have somewhere to be and wearing something you can get dirty."

       I am wearing panties at least,” Sadina muttered under her breath.

       "By the Goddess herself!" Came a male voice from behind them. Spinning around they saw Kitara with Caroline, an black on white Ovine girl, that appeared to be sheared close to nude ,or bare flesh. Next to them stood Carl with Eleanor, a young Human girl with short, spiky, blond hair. Both girls were wearing the same dress as Tessie, Sadina and Sylvia. "Dude, thats some awesome ritual scaring you have there. No wonder Donnie recognized you right off as a warrior.” Kitara interjected excitedly. “He can just tell when someone’s been there." Kitara swiftly approached Jessie and extended his hand. Jessie, out of respect for the Breema, met him with a warrior's pass. "You honor me," Kitara replied shocked.

       "Nonsense, you are a Breema, you honor me. And, there is nothing ritual about these scars.” Jessie was trying to dismiss the issue as best he could. “I was captured and held captive for a while...a few different times." He looked around as he noticed all of the ladies present were in the same dresses and all had a red ribbon somewhere on them. "Are you ladies in an idol group or something?" He asked seizing any opportunity to try to change the subject.

       "IDOL GROUP!?!" Caroline shouted. “Human I will show you these horns are not just for looks." Caroline spouted as she started towards Jessie.

       Kitara quickly intervened, grabbing Caroline around the waist and pulling her back away from Jessie. "Easy there sweetie. I know your mad, but its not him you’re mad at." The other ladies present were starring at her with their mouths wide open.

Caroline pushed off Kitara's arm relinquishing her attack on Jessie, as she saw all the stares. "I don't wanna hear it.” He tone lost it’s ferocity to be replaced with remorse and shame. “My stupid little brother got my back last night with the shears, as one of his little jokes. This was the best mom could do to fix it," She spat before storming off to the transport. The Eleanor shrugged and followed Caroline quietly.

       "We are a doing volunteer work for the veterans and elderlies of the White Kingdom. The red ribbons are for the blood of the fallen," Tessy offered pointing to her ribbon.

       Kitara, happy Caroline left, jumped right back to his subject caring little for the girls drama. "Prisoner or not it looks like ritual scaring to me, complete with ashing of the wounds. Just like a rite of passage that Kandar do or more likely Breema.” Kitara’s ears twitched with his excitement as he spoke. “That’s what I have been studying lately, so it kinda sticks out in my mind. As a Human... to go through a Kandar...naw thats got to be a Breema ritual... says a lot about you dude."

       Even though this Breema meant it as a compliment, Jessie was a little disturbed by it. Besides the memories of where those particular scars came from, extensive scarring like his are often used to identify people. And now, everyone was staring at them, save for Sylvia, she didn’t care about them.

       Sadina noticed them for the first time, thanks to Kitara. Her attention had been solely on the Sandrunner up to this point. She was not done with him on that subject yet, but there was something she noticed about these scars in question. She squinted at them, slowly approaching Jessie as if she was stalking him on the open plains. At close range she held her tail up near his chest tilting her head to the side. "Murine tails... rats to more specific, given the texture and size of the marks, counting that they will shrink some with healing. That and the rest of the Maurine have long since quit doing anything like this several hundred years ago."

       Tessy poked Kitara and pointed at Jessie. "Look at his back," she added.

       Jessie knew it was way too late to try to hide them or brush the subject off ay longer, so he obliged and turned around slowly with his arms straight out, letting all of them get a good look. Again, he got this strange feeling as they took interest in them, rather than the more common reaction of disgust. Tessie quietly pointed to the mark on his left shoulder blade. Kitara scratched his chin in thought as he saw the partial mark.

       "Wow. That was not your only tenure in brutality I see," Kitara remarked, looking at the many other layers of scars on his back and chest. "Also, umm, how many time have you been shot?"

       "Too many," Jessie responded.

       "Dude, you know they have this stuff called body armor, right?" Joked Kitara.

       "This is what got through level 8 armor. Funny how mad people get when you show up to take back a pump station or a power substation they fought so hard to take. Wasn't always right, but that was my job." Jessie took the chance to add a little more to his background. That comment however, set Kitara back a little visibly. Jessie switched tactics to easy the tension he caused. Power and water were often heated debates at peace talks as everyone wanted control of them. "I don't remember meeting you at the cook out, though I did see a few other Breema. Just how many Breema are here?" Jessie asked, again trying to change the subject.

       "Dude, my bad. I’m Kitara, and that guy there,” he pointed to the Sciurine male to his left, “is my bud, Carl. Now to your question, seven, counting Donnie."

       "What the...Are you expecting a mass invasion here or something?" Jessie implored.

       Tessie and Kitara exchange glances in response to his accusation. "Nothing like that. Donnie is our master. We go where he goes," Kitara offered.

       The big horn on the transport sounded stopping all current conversation. "Sorry Jessie, we have to leave now," Tessy offered. She smiled at him wanting to add something, but unsure of what else to say. Inside she was confused with mixed emotions and unanswered questions. There was something about this man she could not define.

       Sadina stood in front of Jessie, pointing at the Sandrunner, she told him quiet matter-of-factly, “we are not done talking about that. I will be back.”

       Sylvia slide in next to Sadina, smiling, she offered her had to Jessie. “Sylvia Evergreen,” she said trying to keep her very high soprano voice as deep as she could.

       “Jessie Dire to you Miss Evergreen,” he responded with a bow.

       She curtsied, grabbed Sadina by the wrist and dashed off to the transport nearly dragging Sadina along.

       Carl gave Jessie a thumbs up and said “I’m with Kitara, I think its bad ass.” With that he stuck his hands in his pants pockets, turned, and walked off.

       Alone again Jessie stared at the Sandrunner. “Between you and these damn scars someone is going to figure out who I am. However, I really didn't expect a couple of young Kandar girls to know anything about you. We did fool the DMV, didn't we?” Jessie shook his head at himself. ‘talking to inanimate object is not a good sign boy.’ He looked around a moment and realized his shirt was missing. “Did that Sylvia steal my shirt?” he asked himself aloud. He looked around again to make sure. “Yeap, sure enough, she did. Well, that makes no sense, it’s way to big for her little frame.” He sighed thinking about thew shirt. “Well, there was nothing in the pockets anyway.”

       ‘If those girls are going to come back and take a better look at this, I need to removes all her weapons before they do.’ He though long and hard about starting on it now, but just gave up. He turned around and headed up the steps by the sink, to the door that led into the house. He was a bit lost with all that was said here. He would need to work with Jack on some possible background options on the scars and the Sandrunner. In his mind, he drifting back to when and how he acquired the Sandrunner and the scars. ‘What ever we come up with will have to have some truth to it, the Kandar can smell the change in your pheromones when you lie.’

       Jack opened the door for Jessie as he reached for the handle. “You know, if...naw, when, Donnie finds out about these scars, and they really are from some Kandar, or more likely, some Breema ritual, it won’t take him long from there to find out who I really am. There are not that many Breema still alive.”

       “Do you think Donnie knows the guy who did that to you?” Jack asked.

       “The way my luck has been on this run, they are good friends.” 

Kandar Ep 9 Beautiful Dresses and Ugly Scars
Reworked for spelling grammar ad content. there were some minor things that I had missed to put in. Please give me a read and leave me a comment below. I would really like to know how I am doing. Thank you. =^..^=

In this episode Jessie has a run in with Sadina and Slyvia about his off road type vehicle.

episode #1 if you are just finding me…

Episode #8 the last episode…

Episode #10 the next episode…
                       Kandar Episode 39 Colors of Death part 2

      “What colors?” Jack asked startled and befuddled.

      Jessie beamed with excitement. “Well, some of them anyway. You see, it was just so simple I kept over thinking it.” Jack kept staring at him with this blank look waiting for some punch line. “The colors on those sheets for my kill list.” Jessie shook Jack again. “My first kill was selfdefense, the color is black, right? Your darkest times. All of the ones on my hit list where I was paid to kill, are green like a 100 credit note. The ones after my mothers death were all in anger and have red on them, as I was seeing red.”

      “Umm, thats great.” Jack managed as he began to reel in his own imagination and grasp what Jessie meant. “Yes, I suppose that does makes sense and would be a good start. Perhaps with that, we can make some sense of the rest of the nomenclature.” He paused as he looked sideways a moment, it helped him concentrate as he sorted through the list open programs that he had running. “I am bringing up the files on one of my holotablet now and making the changes.” There is a moment of silence between them as Jack worked remotely, before he waved Jessie on. “Go ahead and get ready. I’ll bring it up with my shopping list and the surveillance equipment.”

      “Thank you.” Jessie said with nod. Both men rush through their tasks to get back to the new found light on the ‘answers’ that the old Breema had sent them. They felt they were getting closer to finding the right ‘questions’ to ask to make sense of this information. Jack was the first back to the dinning room. He used the table to set up two holotablets to make it easier to work with the data. Jessie was not far behind him in a clean set of black clothes that looked just like the ones he was wearing before. Only these were a higher rating of protecting from melee and ballistic weapons, with a video recorder disguised as the second button down from the collar. This was normally the first button Jessie had fastened on his shirts. He also had a audio device that slid into the inner ear so he could hear Jack as well as speak to him. This took a special tool to insert and remove, but without an otoscope, you would never know it was there.  

      On the corner of the table lay Jack’s list on a plain peice of paper that was folded neatly in half. Next to it lay a black, metal case that was 50mm square and no more than 20mm thick. Jessie slide them off the table and stuck them in his front left pocket. Jack was still playing with the view on the holotablets, he was a perfectionist on such things to the point of being obssesed.

      Jack looked up from his work for a moment to acknowledge Jessie’s presence before diving back into his work. “Those are the new tags I ordered in the case. They are only 1mm round by 0.5mm thick so try not to loose them when you tag someone. They only respond to this new frequency and only when pinged, making them very hard to detect. If I piggyback off the large tower on the west side of town, I should be able to track them up to 200Km radius from there. Other than that, they work the same, light sticky side for your finger, very sticky side for your target. No audio or visual with these, sorry.”

      “Duely noted. I hope I wont need them.” Jessie leaned forwards watching Jack play with the color and size of the text. “I am sure this is fine, it’s easy enough to read where you have it.” Jack had set the color of the pages to match the color on the nomenclature, then changing the text to the corresponding color of the metal in the same. “I hope this visual enhancement will help us some. I believe you were right, and we have just been over thinking the reason behind this. Both codes he used were very simple as well, just relied on things we already knew.”

      Jessie took one of the tablets and flipped through the some of the pages. The colors did not seem to follow any sequence. “Can you group them by colors first, metal second and dates last?”

      With what looked to be just a wave of his hand inside the hologram, the documents on both tablets aligned in the order as Jessie requested. “Lets look at green first to test my theory, if you would.” Another flick of Jack’s fingers and green colored documents filled both screens. “Leave the documents green, but change the word green in the nomenclature to mark, please.” After Jack made the simple change Jessie started flipping through the green documents. He was just scanning the names not really looking at the dates or any other details. “All of these are paid kills sure enough, though not all were assassination per say.”  Jessie flipped back through them and pulled up a group that had the same date on them. “These people here were not specific kill, like a mark, but I was paid to go into this warehouse and make sure there was no one left alive.” Jack made a face at him. “It was some heretic group that I would not even bat an eye at now however, back when I worked for the Cross, I did just what I was told to do. Though there are two odd things about this one. The first is that they knew someone was coming, maybe not me, but at least someone from the Cross. The second, is that this would have been the birth of my gun fighting style. They had an ambush set up and came at me from all direction at the same time.” Jessie studied the names for a few moment with Jack watching his expressions intently.

      “I never counted the bodies, nor did I know their names, I just remember the date. How did he get this information? Was he there or at least knew someone there that I could have missed?” Jessie furrowed his brow as his kept rereading their names. “I was sure there was no one else alive when I left there.” Jessie scratched his chin while stared at the hologram documents.

      Jack stepped in trying to change the mood. “Blue seems to be tied to the slavers, so that would make it training, right?“ He reached in the hologram, gave another hand commands, and both screens jumped to the royal blue pages.

      There were a lot of people in this group, it took Jessie several minuets to sift through all the names. “What you said is true however, there are others that are marked blue as well. The guards at Amenti Prison are here also, so training cannot be right.” Jessie scanned the names again. “Here, these people.” He had another group of names all with matching dates again. “You should recall this event.”

      Jack leaned over closer to Jessie’s hologram so he could read the names. He read them several time before shaking his head. “Am I suppose to know these people?” he asked confused.

      “No, I didn't know their names either, until we got this list. But, look at the date and think about the number of people here.” Jessie wanted Jack to figure it out on his own.

      “That’s the date of the Helen assassination.” Jack looked at Jessie completely lost.

      “Right, I sniped her from that abandoned factory...” Jessie gave a half smile as he remembered the events. “Who else did I kill that day?”

      It oly took a second and Jessie could see the light come on in Jack’s eyes when he finally remembered. “We had only been working together a short while, and in my defense all I asked was for you to stop them,” he stammered out.

      “When you kill people they normally stop what ever they are doing at the time. And, dead gang members cannot rape anyone... ever again.” The coldness in Jessie’s voice brought back the chilling vision of that day flooding back into Jack’s mind. He thought Jessie would spook them and they would just run off.

      Jack was watching through a recorder on Jessie’s hat. Jessie was laying in a dark covered spot at an abandoned factory, where he could see down the road to a hotel, where the mark was confirmed to be staying for the night. They were waiting for the mark to leave that evening on her way to a musical that was playing in town. A girl screamed off to the side catching Jessie’s attention. When he turned to look, Jack was also able to see. Six guys with gang colors proudly displayed, were dragging two girls kicking and screaming into the factory. It was very easy to determine what was happening.

      Jack began pleading with Jessie to stop them. Jessie repeatedly tapped the microphone three times in response to signal no each time.  There was an audible ripping of cloth followed by the girls pleading for their lives. The guys were just laughing at their cries. Jack began pleading with Jessie again. As the begging and screaming showed no sign of stopping, Jessie eased his rifle down and rolled over on his back with a long sigh. He drew his two handguns he kept at his side in turn adding silencers to them. Jack held his breath as Jessie stealthily eased out of his hiding spot and walked through the darkness silently towards the commotion like a cat stalking it’s prey.

      He walked right up to the crowd and without the slightest pause any or warning and started shooting. His aim was on point, he did not miss even once as he put two bullets into each one of them, head and heart. In just a few quick seconds the six guys lay dead on the cold concrete floor. Jessie never looked at the two women, he just pointed the way out with a gun and told them to “Run, don’t look back, and don’t call the constable. Take your live and be content.”

      After the girls were long gone, he drug the bodies to a open pit in the floor and dumped them in like throwing away bags of trash. Without a word he crawled back in to his hiding spot, laid back down and went back to watching through the scope for his mark as if nothing had happened. Three hours of complete silence passed before the mark showed and Jessie was able to complete the job. Jessie didn't seem bothered by it in the least and Jack was to horrified to speak.

      “So, blue is helping people?” Jack asked trying to shake the feeling. Though he had grown more accustom to watching Jessie kill people in his cold and detached manor since that time, it still gave him chills to think about it.

      “Don’t feel so bad about those guys.” Jessie interrupted Jack’s thoughts. “They were no different than any of the slavers or pushers I have killed, and that doesn't seem to bother you.” Jack made a face at that comment. “Beside, they would have killed those girls after they had their fun, then found more victims.” He points at the hologram of their names. “This list marked them blue, so we were helping people. Think of it this way, you saved two people that night, and who knows how may others.” Jessie gave Jack a smile a pat on the back. ‘Be glad you were not along for the ride the day they shot my mother,’ Jessie thought to himself.

      “You said red could be anger, right?” Jack changed the direction again, though it was for his own sake this time. “It seems to be just a few dates, but there are a lot of kills each time. Is your temper really that bad.” Only after the words came out of his mouth, did he realize how bad that sounded.

      ‘As if you were reading my mind Jack,’ Jessie thought as he continued to smile. “Yeah, It seems pushing a well trained assassin to the breaking point is not a healthy idea.” Jack could not stop himself from laughing at that comment and the harder he tried the worse it got. Jessie shook his head at his friends amusement. “And you were just upset over six gangbangers, really?”

      “Sorry mate, it’s just the way you said it.” Jack took a moment to compose himself.

      “There should be only five dates. The first three are related, the second two, you saw,” Jessie stated very matter-of-factly without actually looking at any of the red documents.

      Jack to be certain ran the dates on a chart. “There is six, the first is only two people. Going by the date, you would have been around 17. Does that ring a bell?” Jack highlighted both names on Jessie’s holotablet.

      Jessie read the names and remembered right away a giggle. “Oh yeah, that would have been the day Eldritch’s guys captured me. It was two agents... they had it coming.” Jack look of bemusement turned abruptly to shock. “it’s the only time I have ever surrendered, not sure what made me do it. We had no hope of winning and their arrogant banter got on my last nerve. I shot them point blank range right in the face.”

      Jack took a moment to put the two together. “So, what you told those girls was true?”

      “Kandar are hard to lie to, they can smell the change in your pheromones. So the best way to lie, is to use some of the truth, and believe every word you say.”
                          Kandar Episode 38 Colors of Death Part 1

      Back at the house, Jack started in on Jessie again about his health. "Ya ne’ ta rest and shant be out in tha woods alone where none can find ya if ya have ‘nother one of those attacks. Ya need ta take batter care of ya’self and..."

      Jessie listens to Jack rant on for a few moments, when he  paused to catch his breath, Jessie seized the opportunity to jump in.  “First off, you need to watch that accent of yours, remember there are people around here that can hear very well. Secondly, you know how many times I have been beaten, tortured, poisoned, shot, and stabbed and you are still more upset over this sickness.”

      Jack cleared his throat, then continued without the accent. “First off, I ordered sound dampening curtains and film for the windows plus the new painting we have are also for sound dampening, so...” Jack stuck his tongue out at Jessie to punctuate the comment. “Secondly, bullets can be removed, stab wounds can be sewn up, poisons have antidotes, but this.... we have no clue what it is, what compound or combination of compounds that are causing the effect. What the effects will be tomorrow, how sever they will be or even how long you have left.”

      "How long I... Really?” Jessie glared at Jack, but Jack just stared back at him defiant. “Five years we have known each other and you have known what I do for a living. Most of that time you have been listening and watching through your devices aiding me in my missions. You know I have not gotten this far by playing it safe all the time. I am not going to start now because I have a cold."

      "A COLD! This is much more serious than a simple cold. Ya need rest in my opinion however, I do know you and if you insist on this reckless behavior, it would be a jolly good start if you would at least stay here or somewhere I can get help to you."

      Jack was like a parent at times. It got on Jessie's nerves when he went on like this, even though he knew Jack meant well. “Ok, I will agree with your safety this time. I will concede that it is not just a simple cold and I need to work out in a more populated place with other people around.” Jack had started to feel good about how things were going, until Jessie gave him a devious smile that told him, something was about to be said he was not going to like. "Thats why I agreed to work out every morning in the main park... with Donnie and students."

      Jack could only stared at Jessie in utter disbelief for several minutes before he could muster the capacity to speak. "Do you seek out these things just to drive me mad, or are you just really this insane?"

      Jessie bust out laughing. "No, I'm just lucky I guess."

      "You call that lucky!?" Jack moved towards Jessie reaching toward his forehead with the inside of his wrist. "Come here I think your fever has begun to spike," his words were full of contempt.

      Jessie brushed his hand away. "We needed a way in with the Breema for information and this just fell in my lap. I know it seems crazy but, I am also going to be learning some of the Breema's gun katas as well."

      "A Breema's what?"

      "You know the gun exorcise routines you and I put together?" Jack nodded dumb founded. "Well, there are others of them dating back to the beginning on the war. Donnie agreed to teach me the ones he knows, if I teach him and his pupils ours." Jack was lost and unsure of what to say at all. "It will take some time to teach them mine and learn his, which will give me time and an avenue to work on him about the dragon riders and others things we need. Also, he does seem strangely giving in the area of knowledge, so I am intent on taking advantage of it."

      "You know after five years you would think I would be use to the constance near death experiences, narrow escapes, crazy things happening all the time, and your amazingly, absurdly, dumb luck. It is what managed to get myself and my colleagues out of that hell hole...but I'm not. I just...we agreed in the beginning that..." Jack wrings his hands nervously, "You know my life depends on you staying alive, right?"

      Jessie places a hand on Jack shoulder to comfort him. "First of all, I don’t plan on dieing here. Secondly, I am sure Miss Kitty would make a great leader for the guild and keep all of you safe though, she may have some degree of difficulty with our next projects. And last, my job is by its nature, dangerous. I kill people for a living. People pay me a lot of money to kill other people, and not everyone is happy about who I kill. In fact, enough people are unhappy enough, they are willing to pay other people even more money to kill me. To me, that means I am doing my job well. We also have to consider the League of Lazerous, A group of assassins who hunt only other assassins. Back at the Cross I was ranked against the other assassins in the order, out here, I can only rank myself by the bounty on my head. However, the main reason we took this job was to remove that bounty and stop the growing hunt for me, so we can work on others things. The way the old Breema set this up is training and a test of my skill all rolled into one. The fact the it frustrates me at every level just mean it is a very good test for me and I hope I learn a lot for this. I need to find and kill, correction, we need to find and kill the last person that links me to my past so we can be free to move on to our main two projects."

      "If you live that long." Jack retorted. He studied Jessie face for a moment trying to read his mood before asking "How do you deal with such an abnormal life."

      "I could ask you the same thing about your computer world you live in. You have to check every line of every program, on every device, stream, airwaves or laser light path that might could maybe come in contact with anything any of us are doing, then you check again. However, for me, this live is not abnormal. This life, is the only life I have ever known. I made my first kill at 10 and got an 'atta boy' for my efforts, moved up the ranks, and given more training." Jessie gives a good thumbs up with both hands and a stern look on his face. "It's not just what I am, it’s all I am. As disturbing as it sounds, that is the truth." He sighed as he took a seat at the new dinning room table. He studies the finish for a moment before he knocked on the table like a door. "This, is odd to me. Here and there, I get to pretend to be a normal person, with some sort of normal life, like a writer. Inside I am still me, and I don’t understand this kind of life. I can read the script and act the part but, when I look at people I see muscle structure, to evaluate possible strengths and weaknesses. Do they have a limp or favor one arm? Are they left or right handed? Only so I know what defense or offense to use. By the way, Breema all seem to be ambidextrous.”

      Jessie leaned forwards propping his arms on the table. “I notice more than just the habits of people around me. For example, we have been here 3 weeks and I already know most everyone schedule in this neighborhood. I know what time they get home, when they walk their pets, go jogging, or stroll through the neighbor with their kids. There are a few in particular that bother me. Specifically, there are four Kandar men, different spices, in this neighborhood that take way to much notice of all movement around them to be normal ‘civilians’ and they don’t appear to be old enough to have been in the war per say. I have spoken with only one of them, the others seem to keep their distance, which makes me more skeptical of them. I have noticed that they all have very similar builds, which is very athletic with good combat qualities, meaning their muscles look like they are more from weapons and melee training than just working out at the local gym or having done manual labor all their lives. The one I spoke with, Jonathan, claims to be single, two others appear to have wives with children, two each, and the last one is just dating a girl two streets over.” Jessie was always very animated when he spoke, unless he was holding a sniper rifle. Jack often though if you tied Jessie's hands to his side he would be rendered speechless. “Normal for me, is to figure out the easiest and quickest way to kill everyone I met and...if they all attacked at once, what order I would need to kill them in to have the best chance of survival."

      "That's sad, from an outside point of view of course." Jack joined Jessie at the table, sitting across from him.

      "That's just it, I don't feel that way, those tendencies are what has kept us alive. Just like, your paranoia of all things electronic do as well. And, in so many cases, you are right on target. I am sure I would not have made it this far without you. Honestly, for the work I do, I doubt I could have found a better partner." Jack smiled at the compliment.

      “Now back to the topic at hand. I have to say, that after all things considered, I don't think Donnie is the mark. I truly doubt a Breema would have sent me here to kill another Breema. Especially if you consider that there are not that many left in the world. For over a thousand years they have been the main target of every human army and the Cross Agency. Also, I am completely and totally sure he has nothing to do with my past what so ever. For the time being, I feel that I am safe around these Breema. I will keep my eyes and ears open at all time, you should know that about me. So if there is nothing else you would like to add here...” Jessie paused to give Jack a moment to respond, but Jack just sat there quietly. He could see Jessie was right about this and decided to just let it go. Donnie had even seemed honestly concerned the night the Murine Breema had delivered the last files, so being in a park with him would seem to be a good thing. “Then, I would like to add what a great honor it is to have the chance to train with the most revered warriors on the planet. So, if there is no farther objection, I need to get started towards town, we have let have the day slip buy already. I need the list of things you need and want. I will even go to the swap store for you."

      “Will you wear a recorder?” Jack asked on the off chance Jessie would accept. He had been so distance from the idea recently he was unsure.

      “Yes,” Jessie nodded “that is a good idea. I’ll take an ear piece and some tracer tags too, just encase. You never know what kind of fish we might catch.” Jessie stood up from the table and started down the hall to his room to change into rinse off and change clothes before heading to town. Without warning he spun around almost running into Jack who was right on his heels. “Why didn't I see it before!” he exclaimed suddenly. Jessie grabbed Jack by the shoulders and shook him. “The colors! I know what they mean!”
Kandar Episode 37 Path of the Breema

      After a long debate with Jack about what was actually safe, prudent, and sane for a trained assassin, Jessie made it out of the house. Armed with his wrist and leg weights he headed north up the street, towards the wooded area just outside of the neighborhood. He had found a clearing in the woods that was just over three miles north. The spare bedroom was nice for calisthenics and weight training, but he needed more room to do his forms properly ad this worked perfectly. The main park, where the cook out was held, was more than large enough, but he preferred places of privacy. Even in the cities he often traveled through, he sought out abandoned warehouses or the like, instead of going to a local gym.

      He had found the place on a satellite view of the area, then confirmed the location by foot. He had gauged that wearing 25lbs wrist and ankle weights along with a 75lbs weight vest serve as a good warm up on his jog there. There was even a convenient nature trail that lead into the woods from the main road. From there slipping off into the forest without being noticed would be easy.

      Just two blocks from his house he was sure there was someone following him. He slowed his jog in a couple places and feigned looking at the houses or the landscaping around on the way to allow himself more chances to look around without being noticed, but he could not spot anyone, just a quick shadow here and there. It was enough to keep him on edge.

      After a few turns and an extra lap around the block, and still catching the shadow, he moved onto the nature trail hoping the fallen leaves and dry grass would give away the shadow. Still no closer, Jessie headed into the wood and ran an irregular zig zag pattern through the trees. After a bit of no shadow or sounds from this tail, he headed on towards the clearing. ‘Maybe it was just an after effect of this incident and Jack’s added paranoia on top of my own that is making me see things,’ he wondered.

      After reaching the clearing, he did some stretches and some basic warm ups shifting the direction he was facing constantly watching for someone or anything to come out of the woods at him. Deciding it was nothing but his mind playing tricks on him, Jessie began his forms.

      Halfway into the first one he heard a sound in the direction of the neighborhood, though quick and faint, it answered the question firmly. Yes, there was someone there watching him, but the who and why still eluded him. He thought it could be his mark chasing him. He had no trouble envisioning that old Breema pulling a trick like a unknown mark that knows you just to test your skills. He slowed his form and readied himself for an attack. Time slowed to a crawl as he stretched his senses to their max trying to gleam a hint of where they would be coming from. He knew if he heard the sound, they would know he had and would certainly change position before advancing.

      The leaves moved close behind him, not much more than a summer breeze would stir them, but there was no breeze this day. It was east and the neighborhood was south, so they did move. He spun around hands poised ready to strike, only to see Donnie leaning against a tree with his arms crossed, calmly watching him.

      Jessie looked around for a moment before speaking. He was positive Donnie would know better than give himself away like that. He relaxed his stance and waited a moment still looking around before asking, "Just you brave enough to show yourself, or is your friend going to join us?"

      Donnie’s eyes gleamed as he gave a big smile, exposing his long eye teeth. The left one was broken about a third of the way up. Jessie wondered why he left it like that, as it would not cost much at all the have it fixed. Donnie look to his right and up into the tree, then back at Jessie. His sleek tail swished back and forth playfully behind him and long, dark whiskers shook as he laughed. "Come on down," Donnie called up to the trees.

      Kitara jumped down from a near by tree to stand next to Donnie. He made surprisingly little sound as he landed in the dry leaves. It was the first time Jessie had been in the presence of two Breema at the same time. Breema were something he had avoided until recently and as such he knew little about them. Most of what he knew was just hearsay and rumors. The old Breema, Socks, was a bit of a hard read and the time he actually spent face to face with him was limited.

      Jessie noticed Donnie’s fur was a tortoiseshell pattern of mostly black like Socks, where Kitara’s was more of a patchwork of different colors and patterns. Both of them seemed to blend into the background of the forest like a natural camouflage. Where Kitara’s fur was sleek and full while Donnie’s had thin spots, even in the little he showed, that was most likely from battle scars. Even his ears and tail were a bit tattered compared to Kitara’s. Donnie was older and possible even fought in the war for sometime before the peace, while Kitara might even be younger than Jessie.

      "Dude, you are really hard to follow without getting caught. You gotta tell me, how did you know I was there?" he asked confounded.

      Jessie smiled at Kitara. "I never actually caught sight of you, just a shadow darting behind things here and there. For most people in my old line of work, thats enough. However,” Jessie smiled “when you opened your Holocom, I heard it beep."

      Donnie glared sideways at Kitara, who just bowed his head in shame. "You should know better than that Kitara, on both accounts."

      Jessie studied them both for a moment, as there seemed to be an unspoken conversation going on between them that he was not privy to. As their ears and tails twitch and shifted position he noticed that Donnie’s ears also had a couple of bullet holes in them. ‘I’m sure he has seen more than a few battles’ Jessie contemplated. When it appeared that they had stopped Jessie took the chance to ask the question that was troubling him most, "Kitara, why were you following me to begin with?"

      There was a glance at Donnie before he spoke like he was asking permission to speak. "I was really just testing my skills. I can tail everyone in the neighborhood with ease, save the older Breema, and you as it turns out." Kitara answered sheepishly. "After Donnie recognized you as a warrior, I thought you would be a good test to follow around. I didn't mean to spook you or anything, just wanted to see if I could do it."

      Jessie read the concern on Donnie's face and wanted to defuse the situation a bit. These guys were an inside line on Breema information that he needed. Spooked or not a calm stance here would be his best move."It never hurts a warrior to try to better themselves. In this case, no harm, no foul." Jessie extended a hand to Kitara.

      With a nod from Donnie, Kitara extended his hand, but was a bit taken when Jessie reached straight to a warrior's pass. "You honor me, Jessie," he managed to stammer out astonished.

      "Nonsense, you are a Breema," Jessie replied.

      "In training," Donnie added quickly. "We don't want any bad blood here. We do test each others skills by doing this, however, I promise you the next time he tails anyone else for sport or training, he will let them know he is going to try ahead of time." He turned from Jessie to give Kitara a stern look with his ears folded back. "Right?" He commanded more than asked.

      "Yes, sir." Kitara's ears were slouched forward and his tail was low, just barely moving. Body language was a large part of the Kandar culture, even today. Donnie’s stood out to Jessie as them seemed to be forced. He wondered why he had not caught that before now.

      "I can't say that it doesn't make me a bit jumpy because of my past,” Jessie submitted. “But, I will trust your word here. You are his... master?" Donnie nodded an agreement. Jessie was working this angle as best he could to his advantage. "So, in return I would like to ask, why he needed to call you here? I really doubt he felt threatened by me."

      Donnie's eyes widened and that big smile came across his face again. "Because you were doing a Chestafol, or gun kata in the common tongue. We have been talking about them recently and he was asking me which one it was that you were doing. I was not getting much from his description so, I came over to see for myself." A slight look of surprise came over Jessie's face at this comment and did not go unnoticed by Donnie. "Honestly, I didn't recognize that one. I only know a few myself, but I have seen most of the others, so..."

      "Wait! What?” Jessie cut him off, his excitement getting the better of him. “There are others? How many others?"

      "Well, yes. Where did you learn that one from?" Donnie asked, but was met with a serious look from Jessie. Donnie held his hand directly in front of himself, with the palms up saying "Rock for rock..." This was on an old term used to ask for an honest trade for thousands of years. Initially It was just information at an honest level, but later people used it to mean honest trade of any kind. Donnie's curiosity was peaked and he wanted to test Jessie a little more.

      Jessie extended his hands out with his palms down and spoke the words "And tree for tree." The second part was no long custom, telling Donnie that Jessie was taught in an old and honorable path of a warrior. "You have a deal, and since you have offered the plate, I will fill it." Another old phrase that made Donnie smile. He knew whoever was teaching Jessie was very old traditionalist. "Though, I don't think you will like my answer.” Jessie hesitated before continuing “I invented it.” Both Donnie and Kitara looked at him perplexed.  “With Jack’s help, we used the recordings of several close quarters fights I had been in to compile the best and most useful movements with needed movement for strength, speed and congruent flow of battle. Then worked to find sequence flow for them that fit together."

      Donnie stood there a moment in awe, then his curious nature kicked in. 'I need to draw him in closer so he will open up some more. I cannot shake this feeling about him, and he just confirmed to me that he is not some run of the mill, new age, wanna be, warrior,' he lamented. "You made your own gun kata? I am impressed by you, for the second time today. You are a true gun slinger of the old world. So, in return, I will fill your plate, to the rim. There are 8 forms with 8 katas to each, Four live animals and 4 mystical. At least as far as the Kandar go. History says there was most likely more at the start of the war, but so much has been lost in fray i cannot not attest to that one way or the other."

      "I don't really consider myself a gunslinger, I am more of a long range guy. I do however, use hand guns in close combat. I just never thought that made me a gunslinger, per say." He regretted saying that as soon as he said it. He still did not know who his target was and as such was giving away too much about him self. He needed this in with the Breema, so he justified it to himself as a necessary and worthy bet. "Eight for each, you say?" scratched his left ear in thought. "I only did four. You say you know a few, do you know also know where I could see or even learn these other katas or are they secret?"

      Again Donnie was slow to answer as he studied Jessie. He wanted to make sure he read him correctly and did not give away so much that his own master would be upset with him. The Breema were famous for keeping most details about themselves, to themselves. "Did your master not teach you any history with your arts?"

      Jessie shook his head no. "I have had only random instructors and a few passing mentors, no masters, although, you told me that is what I have been calling Eldritch."

      "Ahh. So, you have been back down there since your Rite of Passage?" Donnie grinned having gleamed another piece of Jessie history from him.

      Jessie left mouth gapping open,'Damn it!' he screamed inside his mind.'How does he do that to me?' He had to make a quick recovery or lose more here than he felt he could afford. "Well, if that's what you want to call what he and his torture squad did to me...Yes, a few times."

      Donnie watched his reaction to the question, but was not sure if he was hiding something there or just that he had spent a lifetime playing his pieces from a closed hand. Either way, what information he had about the gun kata was not that great a secret to the Breema save one certain kata that he knew. So, he thought he would open up a little. He needed to get a little closer to Jessie to really see what he was hiding, and gauge if he was a threat to the Queen, the Princess, or both. "At the start of the war, the gun katas were used by gunslingers of both sides. They kinda fell by the wayside with bigger and better ships, tanks and such being invented on both sides. Today there are few left that know whole systems. Most of those, that I know of anyway, are Temple Breema. I myself, as I stated before, only know a few katas and most are from different systems. My master wanted everyone to learn a little bit of everything, before choosing their weapon or style of mastery. I tried a few different ones before going with a more traditional weapon."

      Jessie sensed a change as Donnie offered more information than asked and decided to push that line a bit to see what he could get. "You did this rite with Eldritch also, is he then your master too? Sorry, I have more questions for you than I have answers."

      "Oh, I'm sure I could come up with a few extra questions for you." He gave Jessie a knowing wink before continuing, "But, we drift from our subject at hand. I have nothing to hide there. Yes, Eldritch is my current master. My original master was also his, however he was killed in the war. Which is just one of many reasons Eldritch hates Humans so much." He paused a moment and his ears twitched just for a second. Donnie grabbed Kitara by the shoulder suddenly. Kitara had been quietly watching and listening, content to be only a witness, practically jumped out of his fur at the unanticipated contact. "Jessie,” Donnie continued “how much do you know about the Breema?"

      "Enough to know to keep a safe distance in combat from them, like, far sniper rage of two or three miles."

      Donnie had a good laugh at that comment. He knew only a few Breema had been taken down by snipers since the end of the war. Also, there was a short list of snipers that could pull off a two to three mile shot. Was Jessie one of these? Or just joking around about how far away he felt safe? "Now, it will be Kitara's turn to offer something to this barter. He has heard our truths, now we shall hear his. Kitara here will offer some common Kandar knowledge about the Breema, that most humans don't know." Kitara looked at Donnie completely lost. "Start with the the three paths. I think he will find it interesting."

      "Yes sir. Ummm...yeah...ok." He took a deep breath looking back and forth from Donnie to Jessie a few times before starting. "Common Kandar knowledge on Breema paths, right. First there is the Horde: Long ago in the days of Donnie's youth they..." There was an audible smack and Kitara winced. Donnie had slapped him on the back of the head pretty hard. "Ok, ok, ok, damn take a joke, will ya?"

      "You need to be serious here, cub." Donnie gave him a stern look with his ears folded back.

      "Yes, sir." He turns his attention back to Jessie who, is was unsure if it would be ok to laugh and was trying his best to hold it in. "In ancient time they were just that, a horde, now they are called the Commandos. They are the military side of the Breema. They are like the Kandar version of the humans special forces or black ops guys. They focus on the physical aspects and ballistics weaponry. They can drive or fly anything that moves with great proficiency. Many weapons and vehicles have been designed just for them. They are often found guarding royal family members and their leader is called the Commandant. He is also part of the Great Kandar Council." He paused a moment eying Donnie like he was about to pull another joke, but thought better of it.

      "The next would be the Temple. These guys focus on the mental or spiritual side of things. They are hand to hand specialist know as the keepers of faith and form. Meaning they are all very Orthodox and where you, well a Breema, could go and learn all the known forms of any fighting style we know. They are also a great resource to help work on learning the uses of Sol, what you humans call Chi or Spiritual energy. All Breema are said to be able to use it in some aspect. The Temple Elders tend to keep to the Temples where they teach. The younger ones venture out often for experience in life and to do things for the temples. Their leader is called the Abbot, he stays out of politics altogether."

      "Last, would be us," he pointed to Donnie and himself, "The Mystics, or Mystic Warriors. Our path is somewhere in between the two other. The balanced path of physical and spiritual force. Wisdom is sought through experience, guidance, and discipline. Ours is said to be the oldest path going back to the birth of the Breema at the dawn of time."

      We, all Breema, all paths, are the protectors of the Kandar. Our honor is not measured by how many we have killed, but by how many we have saved." He looked over at Donnie for approval.

      "Thats good. I see you have paid attention. Now, our ranking."

      He gave Donnie a look that said 'Are you sure?' Donnie gave him an approving nod in return. Jessie thought there seemed to be some other unspoken words there, but he was not sure what. "All Breema” Kitara continued “regardless of path, follow the same ranking system. The Goddess choices you and you are born Breema. Any family, any species, male or female are born Breema, though Breema are, by a large margin, male. There is no rhyme or reason to our births, only the Goddess herself knows why and who. We all feel the calling to a master, so to speak. There are those that come up from gangs or out in the wilderness, but they too usually reach a point where by chance or design they find a master to lead them. Tales do exist of rouge Breema, but little is written about them. All Breema seem to naturally want to protect and save all Kandar, even at the cost of our own lives."

      "You start as a cub, and move up to squire then sword. Normally at puberty your master or parents will take you to a rites master for your right of passage. The Horde have a drooling week long physical test of strength and endurance that takes you to the edge of your limits and then some. Running, swimming, climbing, shooting, sparring. The temple tests your spiritual might and will by maxing your use of Sol for days on end while you fast...I know sounds horrible. The Mystics use the old way of pain and temptation, followed by a spiritual cleansing and a vision quest. It is suppose to test your will and constitution. A very long, drawn out process that you have completed the first part of, based on your markings." Kitara pointed at Jessie's ribs, remembering the dark scars he saw in Jessie's garage.

      "Staying inside of our information swap," Donnie interjected, "if you would be willing to teach my pupils and myself your gun katas, I will teach you, and my pupils, mine. It could be a great chance to get to know each other better, show more solidarity between the Kandar and Humans, plus it would be a great chance for them to start learning some gun katas."

      "I get the feeling you don't like guns, Donnie."

      "It’s not that I don’t like guns, it’s that I like swords more, and swords do not run out of bullets."

      "Bullets have a greater range, and its better to show up at a knife fight with a gun, than gun fight with a knife."

      "I suppose that depends on how good you are with a sword." They all chuckled at that one. "So, do we have a deal Jessie?" Donnie extended a hand to Jessie. Jessie took Donnie's arm in a warriors pass accepting the deal. Both thought this would be a great opportunity to get to know the other and learn a new style on the way. "Morning training starts at dawn in the main park. We don't need to hide, and nobody will bother us there. At that time of day, there is only a few runners and they stay on the paths. That is if it's not to early for you."

      "Sounds great to me. Can we start tomorrow?" Jessie smiled with a feeling he had won a round against Donnie.

      "I'll pass the word along to the rest of my students." Donnie smiled with a feeling he had won a round against Jessie.
Kandar Ep 37 Path of the Breema
Jessie heads off to practice his forms alone in the woods but is being followed by someone. What do they want? Is this his mark after him?

this one is a little longer than my normal episodes but there was no good place to break this one at. I feel that all of this must be together. please drop me a line or two to let me know what you think. 

if you are just joining the story here is episode #1…

here is the last one if you missed it #36…

next episode is still in the works at this time.…
                        Kandar Episode 36 Mission Review.

      Jessie descended the stairs to the basement where Jack had set up his workstation. The stairs ended just before the back wall and was open to either side at the bottom. The stairs were just the basics, hand rail and treads with no risers, so from the basement you could see anyone coming down the stairs, well before they could see you. The main room opened up behind the stairs, with Jack's workstation on the opposite wall facing the back of the stairs. To Jack's right was a wall that closed off one third of the basement with a single door in the center, that was his bedroom. To his left the room opened up to a sitting area, with a full bathroom in the adjacent corner from him.

      The sitting area had two overstuffed chairs with a small, finely crafted, wooden, table sitting between them. There was a high end Zipptek Holoviewer mounted on the wall across from the chairs for easy viewing. The position was also set to allow view of the stairs from either chair. The other walls of the main room were lined with shelves filled with a various sundries of books, files, holocubes, and other knickknacks Jack had collected in the few years since his freedom. In Jacks Command center, as he calls it, there were two, small, flat viewers to his left side; a single, large, flat viewer to his right side; with four holoviewers of varying size in front of him allowing him a clear view of anyone entering the basement. His chair was custom wired to be his ‘rig’ to jack-in.

      Jack waved at Jessie as he headed to the sitting area. "Your looking much better," he added.

      On the table was a fresh hot cup of tea and notebook sized tablet. Jessie chose the far seat for a better view of the whole room. Jessie smiled at jack as he took his seat. "Thank you very much. I don't know what I would have done if I was alone." He was stretching things a bit, but then he could not be sure if he fell the right direction to keep himself safe or not. "I am going to the market district after we finish the review for some supplies. Is there anything you need or want?"

      "I do have a small list of food items we need and I have found a top line electronics store in the district. I will give you the directions with a list for both if you would be so kind." Jack slided the last of the five connectors into it’s prospective port on the back of his head. Jessie watched quietly with a morbid fascination. He always thought it would hurt or at a minimum feel weird, but Jack never showed any expression as he preformed this task. Jessie knew there was a sleeve in Jack's brain that it went into, however watching jack stick five, four inch long, 12 gauge wires, into the back of his head gave him an uneasy feeling no matter how many times his saw it. "No cartoons or..." he said trying to distract himself.

      "They are not..." Jack sighed knowing Jessie was just picking at him for fun. "If you are brave enough to venture into a trade shop for me..." He gave Jessie a look as he laid his head back into the headrest. It was shaped in to a "U" to allow the connectors to hang free while still supporting the head. He then leaned the chair back to it's recliner position resting his arms on the plush arm rests. There were buttons at the end of the armrest right at the finger tips, normally used to switch the jacks on. Jack no longer had need of them, with his extensive experience of being jacked in for so many years, he was able to ‘slip’ his thoughts in and out of the web.

      "Gladly, I owe you." Jessie said, before taking a sip of his tea.

      "I've preloaded everything on the tablet for you, so all you have to double tap the video you want and it will come up on the holoviewer, with the controls on the tablet," Jack mentioned. "I am going in to have a better look at Deletekey's work, she had a lot going on just on that buck of bolts your friend calls a ship."

      "Call it what you want, but he is always there and always gets me in and out safely," Jessie quipped. Jack rolled his eyes as Jessie tapped the first video and sat back with his tea. “Wow, this is really great tea, you have out done yourself,” Jessie added taking another sip.

      For the next few hours they poured over the recordings and reports from the different crews involved in the strike. Jessie and Jack worked as a team to review all missions the guild did, even Jessie's own. The idea was started as a training tool and progressed from there. The review help to add to a training list for everyone, what to do, what not to do, and suggest what exorcises they may want to add to their training list to help them in the future. Here and there they find something that was missed on the mission. In the heat of battle things can get by even the most skilled. "I am ready when you are, but I am going upstairs for another cup of this wonderful tea and some sort of snack first. Do you need a refill?"

      "Yes, please, and some of the sweet cakes too," Jack’s voice came over the speakers. Jessie grabbed jack’s cup as he passed by. "And, I should be ready by the time you get back."

      Jessie returned down to the basement with the tea and sweet cakes for both of them. Jack unplugged from the ‘Hard Frame’ and slipped in his small wireless. With his fresh cup of tea in hand, he joined Jessie in the sitting area. "We have really shook up a bad hive of Death Stingers here," Jessie began. "We knew they were leading us there and fully expected a trap of some kind, just not to this extent. I think Miss Kitty did a great job with what we had there, even including our loses. That being said, there are a couple of thing about this place that jump out at me," Jessie began. "Most are in the area of the cages or are in correlation with what I see there. I marked a few spots on Klink's recorder, can you jump us to the first one?"

      With his wireless remote Jack could control everything in the house with ease. Moving a holorecording to a preset place was no harder to him than moving his pinky. In an instant the holoviewer light up. They were looking at a view of the stairwell as Klink was rushing in to finish off the last of the bio-soldiers.

      "After all the explosions in this stairwell, the floor and this back wall here..." Jessie stood to point in the hologram view of the last remaining wall of the stairwell.  "Are completely on scratched, a bit dirty and bloody, but not hurt.” He stuck his hand in the hologram it’self and advanced the recording a bit with a small motion. “Just like the floor in this cage room." He pointed at the area around the stairwell. “They were most likely built by the same material and, I would venture to say, at the same time. So, I would bet the stairwell and everything above this is new. "

      “There were some tunnels that lead off the main tunnel they took to the train station. However, if you would please jump to the spat I marked number two please.” This time they were looking at a rock wall inside the cage room. "This is the west wall of the cage room, seen from Klink's helm. He missed this door here." He reaches his hand inside the hologram and uses hand commands to enlarge the view of the wall. "See this line," then slides the view forwards to another spot, "and here. The coloration of the rock is good, but not good enough, the edges give it away. It's looks like a large door about twenty foot wide." Jessie looked back at Jack who seemed lost. "Can you mark the edges for me?"

      "I don't see anything," Jack shrugged.

      "You don't see this door?" Jessie asked.

      "No." Jack responded shaking his head.

      "Not even a little?" Jessie looked back at the holoviewer.

      Jack sneered at Jessie. "Is there some part of 'no' that you are not understanding? Please, enlighten me, and I will expound upon it for you, in detail." Jack quipped.

      Jessie just glared at Jack over his shoulder for a moment. "Ok, can you place a line here?" He asked as he pointed to a place on the wall. A blue line appeared running from the floor to the ceiling. Jessie moved the view back to the first spot and pointed at another spot. “And, here please.” Again, a line appeared. “The outline of the door is irregular to match the natural line of the rack here, but your lines are at the mean of both.”

      Jack highlighted the space between the two lines for future reference. "Interestingly your lines are nineteen feet eight point two two inches apart, or six meters on the tail."

      "And, it is on the west wall of this cage room. The mechs above came from somewhere west of all the recorders inside this complex and the helm recorders we have. The ones inside this complex also seem to have come from the west. I looked over the town recorders and satellite feeds and could not find anything over in that direction. We have nothing close enough to see another door like this one, but I bet there is one, somewhere close to the base of the mountain on the west side of the town. Which means this base we hit, and the base that was destroyed by those those 'Dragon Riders,' were not the only ones there.”

      "Well, that is interesting. It concurs with the data I have as well. Deletekey set several spiders out at this place from several different locations. The ones from the town showed us the town and the complex under the town as well. The ones she back-feed into the system of the Tedo's showed us the air base that they came from. The ones she released in the system of this ‘cage room’ ,as you are calling it, never got back to her. Which would validate your theory that there is another base or something hidden there and says something about what level of people we are talking about. Her spiders are really good, for someone to capture them or even have written a program that can is quite impressive."

      Jack pondered for a moment before speaking. "Let me show you this way." He created a holographic view of the whole town, complex and air base small lines ran everywhere in what appeared to be the walls and floors. "This is the electrical systems of all we could see. To the south we tie into the main grid as would be expected. There are some programs in place that allow all of this to pull from the main grid, but it blocks the main grid Internet from entering or even seeing this town. The same set up is done for the airbase, which we only found through the Tedo's.

      "Since working with you one of my guys has come up with a program that sends a signal out along all wires and tracks their placement in a 3D grid. We have started using this on all missions as well as the spiders. What it created is what we are looking at now. We run this program to look for things like this..." Jack highlights several power lines that run from the complex and the base that just end at no apparent building, substation or notable object. All of them were running in the direction of the mountain Jessie had pointed out as another possible hidden base.

      "Along with this I can see several programs that have skips, or hidden lines and commands in them, some that seem to be incomplete, and a few that act as a prompts for nothing at all. So, I completely agree with you, there is more here than meets the eye."

      Jessie nods an agreement. "There is one other issue I saw in this we need to look at."

      "The place you marked on Chase's recorder?" asked Jack.

      "Yes, if you would please, bring that up." The holoviewer jumped to a long hallway next to a glass wall running floor to ceiling and spanning twenty feet, in the reflection of the glass was Chase. In the center is a single three foot wide door, to it's right is a palm scanner. Through the glass can been seen a second wall and door mirroring the first, complete with a palm scanner. Beyond it is room that opens to the left and is only partially visible from his location. What can be seen is a standing coolers with a glass door holding a slew of vials of unknown contents and a couple pieces electrical equipment.

      "With what we can see and the double entryway that with the air vent on the sides here and here.” Jessie points to something square on the wall between the doors that Jack didn't see at first. “We can deduct that this is a vacuum sealed room. From that, I think we can safety assume that is a lab. Then assume that this lab is where there are making some portion, large or small, of the drugs they are spreading around the world. Chase had the idea to break into it and even shot it once. His bullet bounced off, so we are looking at clear steel. He was setting up to give Deletekey a shot a opening the doors, but this is when the mechs attacked. He abandoned this to go help the others, and rightfully so. I would love to know what all is in there and who was supplying them this equipment."

      Jessie studied the view for a moment before continuing. "There is enough to warrant another mission into this area. I would like a smaller group and try to go in unnoticed. If they have brought in more slaves by that time we will have to forgo their rescue for the safety of the mission. I really want to know who is pulling the strings, before they figure out who is targeting them."

      "Kandar Nation has taken control of the area, with much protest from the Topock Kingdom that the base lies in. I would expect to see the fallout of this in the news over the next few days. I do wonder what there interest is in this area." Jack stood and moved back to his regular ‘command center.’

      "There are more questions here than just that.” Jessie “Now, it is true that if those Dragon Riders had not shown up when they did, we may have lost everyone. But, you don’t ask someone to come fight and not consider that you could lose. So, if they were willing to gambled all that product and money, what are they still hiding?" he let that sink in for a moment before asking his next question. "Also, who knew about this and who sent them?"

      "Very good question to consider.” Jack responded reconnecting himself to his rig. “If the 'Dragon Riders' are truly Breema only pilots, then they are controlled by the Kandar Nation, regardless of whether they exist on paper or not. So, the question is who tipped the Kandar Nation off to our operation?" He thought hard about this as he laid back in his chair.

      "I don't think the Three King and Eldritch are part of the Kandar Nation, but Eldritch is a Breema, and from what Donnie told me, he is well known. I have never told Eldritch what we are hitting or when, they just supply and guard the hospital where the slaves go for rehab. That, and keep giving us new lists of faces to look for." Jessie lamented.

      "Hotel Paradise would be the logical answer, but not if the Breema shut it down that long ago." Jack returned.

      "At that time, the front line of the war was much farther to the east, this place would have been deep in Topock’s territory. Did the Breema really shut it down? Or, maybe it was reopened. Or, maybe the Breema...” Jessie’s words trailed off as he weighted the possibilities.

      "Not sure about that Jessie. Maybe you could ask your new friend across the street?" He said it in jest, but Jessie lit up with the idea.

      "That's a great idea. We are surrounded by Breema, why not ask one. I am going to have to find a reason or angle to start the conversation in that direction, but it could work. He should be old enough to know about the 'Dragon Riders'. It’s so hard to tell their age."

      "Great." the sarcasm was not hard to detect in his voice. "On a positive note, I will let you know if Deletekey's spiders find a route back to her. We will know more about this place then."

      "Oh, there is one more thing, I hesitate to mention it, but you need to know this. The nomenclature on those cages...I have seen before. Not the same actual numbers, but the It was on some papers or on the door in the place where I pulled you guys from. I can see the image in my mind, but can't quite place it, there was a lot going on there. Maybe it was on a clipboard one of the guards was carrying."

      "We have a lot of files from there, I can look into, but that would tie the Cross into this."

      "That it would."

      "Then my last question, what about the Shadow Reich?"

      Jessie’s face and voice took a very serious tone, "I was told by a trusted friend, long before I met you, that was a question that, in no uncertain terms, did I ever want to know the answer to even if I were to make X rank. I implore you to leave it alone. We have enough on our plate right now.” Jessie laid the tablet on Jack’s desk before gathering up the dishes. “Send a copy of all the faces of the people there to the investigation teams. We need to know where all those mafia and army troops came from. It may help us. Also, we need to make sure we are not on anyones kill list because of this. Last, when they are ready for action again, put everyone on regular jobs. Drop all operations against the slavers for now, we need to lay low and just watch for a while."

      "What about the new list?"

      "Hope that we found some in this last mission, just to keep Eldritch happy for a little while." studied Jack for a moment. "Before Eldritch, I had seen only two Breema in my life, now there is Eldritch, the old man Socks out in the desert, Donnie and his gang, oh and I suppose I should include the Dragon Riders. I feel like there is a connection here I am missing." Jessie headed upstairs with the dishes. "Enjoy some downtime, I'll be back later."
Kandar Ep 36 Mission Review
With Jessie is feeling better and all cleaned up, he joins Jack in the basement to review Miss Kitty's mission.

If you are just joining me here is Episode #1…

here is the last one incase you missed it #35…

and the next Episode will be forthcoming soon. 
    When the door bell rang he thought it would be the movers coming back having forgot some piece of equipment. His eyes and mind strolled around the rooms as he made he way to the from door searching for something not belonging there. When he opened the door he was quite shocked as his eyes beheld a Beautiful young Kandar woman instead of three sweaty human men. "Hello" A musical voice drifted to his ears but his mind was still caught in another thought.
    Her fur was pure white from her regal, tall, fluffy ears to her long arched feet and cute toes. Long waves of soft white hair framed in her face and cascaded down her body to her waist like a waterfall. her Silky smooth fur shone in the daylight behind her highlighting her gentle natural curves. A plain black midriff hung loosely over her modest bust and black denim shorts hung low on her hips stood in great contrast of her dazzling white fur.  Many silver bracelets jingled together on her wrists and silver studs and hoops with small gems sparkled in her ears. Her thin soft pink lips matched her cute pink nose, but it was her eyes that captured him so. The long black slits of her pupils were surrounded by luminescent lavender with a star burst of brilliant blue streams. "I..." was all he could summon.
    Though still sweet and musical the irratation in her voice began to reach him. How long have i been lost here he thought to himself. "Heeellloooo, you do speak common tongue dont you human?"
    "I'm so sorry Miss i thought you were...i mean..." Closing his mouth and shaking his head at him self for a moment.
    "Did you think in a mixing neighborhood you would not see Kandar? You do know this in a mixing community."
    "No and yes, er..." he opened the door the rest of the way extending his hand out palm up right foot forwards head slightly bowed in a formal Kandar greeting.  "A pleasure to meet you Miss" This seemed to take the wind out of her vexation. She placed her hand palm down on his and curtsy. "Veratessa White good sir." Her speech switch to high regal out of reflex.
    "Well met Miss White, Jessie Dire to you." His tongue also in high regal both surprised her that he would know and embarrassed that she had in a common environment use such speech.
    Taken her hand back and now on the defensive slightly, "Please call me Tessie," returning to common speech. "there is no need for formals here. I came by to invite you to the cookout. Each month we have a social event and you have arrived on that day this month. Please join us in the center park. We have lots of different foods and treats and sweet drinks of all kinds. This is family affair so please limit the fuzzy drinks." giving him a stern look and shaking her forefinger at him.
    "I would be honored to attend. I have just started to unpack so i would need to buy something to bring..."
    "Your new and we all saw you just move in so nothing is asked of you, just you and your... mate?"
    "I'm single though i do have a colleague of mine staying with me, Jack..." looking to his right Jack stood in the hallway in his normal attire of gym shorts and bunny slippers holding a bowl of cereal wide eyed shaking his head no vigorously. Jack was very antisocial and as such awkward is social settings. He could talk all day with complete strangers in virtual but face to face he studdered horrible around new people. In a crowd he would be rendered utterly speechless. "Though I think he is interested in getting things unpacked right now."
    "As you wish." spoken to the darkness of the room behind Jessie "We look forward to your arrival." She turned and started towards the front steps of the porch.
    "Ummm, where's the park?"
    Without looking back she pointed "End if the driveway left, go three houses look right and follow the path, at the fork stay right." She glanced back over she shoulder to see him nod and down the stairs she went. Her walk so feminine and graceful her tail long fluffy and beautiful, he could not pull his eyes away. 'So beautiful' he whispered to himself. Her ears twitched and she turned her head looking over her shoulder again at him. With a coy smile and swinging her tail and bottom at him "You like my tail?" before skipping off giggling. 



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